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The Next Chapter - a Psilocybin Vision Quest Retreat and Documentary

An inter-dimensional psilocybin retreat to rediscover your inner strength, freedom and

The Next Chapter in Life

A psilocybin vision retreat

It’s Not a Mere Getaway. It’s a Transformational Reinvention

for 2024 and Beyond

We've been in pre-production for some months now planning this special psilocybin Vision Quest retreat for young elders. It's so exciting and we invite you to explore this program and join us.

Our Mission is to chose eight attendees between the ages of 50 – 70’s who look to head up a powerful creative idea – a personal Passion Project, so to speak, that changes your future and takes you into The Next Chapter. The attendees chosen will be based on their Project Ideas, and the ability to tell their story and see their project through to the end.

Even before word is out, the word is out . . .

After an article in The Guardian newspaper announced our project, with a focus on young elders changing up their lives through psilocybin therapy, we’ve had a stream of folks inquiring about and waiting for the Vision Quest Retreat. We plan to be filming much of the event, including interviews with all who participate in the retreat, as we begin to explore developing a film project focusing on the profound therapeutic effects of plant-medicine therapy for young elders.

View the full retreat and all that will be happening HERE. We look forward to exploring your special story and project you want to manifest during The Next Chapter retreat and documentary.


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