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Maria Camille provided excellent services for my mushroom ceremony. I loved not having to share a large meeting room with others experiencing their own trips. Instead, just the two of us enjoyed complete tranquillity on a sun-filled patio, surrounded by trees and plants. She helped me find the perfect lodging, supplied music and incense to set a meditative mood. Her fee is extremely reasonable, considering the many Zoom calls we had, the time she took to check our various hotels and airbnbs, the hour-long bodywork session, lunch before the ceremony and dinner afterwards. An interesting blend of knowledgeable professional and free-spirit, Marie has become a good friend, who provided the perfect mushroom experience for me. The experience was two months ago, but the beauty and serenity unlocked by the mushrooms impacts my life every day.


Thanks, Maria.

With a history of childhood and adult trauma and almost 30 years of therapy, I have asked the plant medicine to say goodbye to maxims that grab my attention and distract me from my heart.   I asked to trust my heart again, to feel my feelings, to learn from them, to notice and be aware.   

Since my retreat experience, I have had a new perspective and a clear vision of what I am getting from another person and how I feel about it.  I am more mindful of when I am actually being judged, criticized, or disparaged and not so quick to be paranoid about such things. I am more readily seeing where I am cherished and affirmed.  

During my experience I was able to access deep pockets of grief beginning with a current loss and unearthing wails of uncried tears.  It was very cleansing feeling to be able to cry in a safe environment. 

During my session I was encouraged to come back to my heart and indeed I was able to pay attention to my heart in a way that I had been neglecting. This is something I notice staying with me. I am more present to myself.   I am fully conscious of my choices and my activities.  

I felt very supported by Maria and another facilitator. I felt a strong sisterhood of emotional support and support that was physical and tangible in the very stones of our lodging and the mountain where we journeyed. 

I am more able to trust my heart, to feel my feelings, and to learn from them. 


I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful guide than Maria Camille. I was determined to have a deep, transformative experience, and knowing that she was right there in the room with me, made it safe for me. She is a consummate professional as well as a passionate guide. She visited the site I’d chosen for my journey to make sure it would be appropriate, met with me several times beforehand, and made her expectations clear. In order for the mushroom to do its work, I needed to taper off my antidepressant weeks beforehand, as well as to prepare myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. It was worth it, and someday I hope to take another mushroom journey again with Maria as my guide.


Highly recommended.

During my long journey from Switzerland to San Miguel de Allende, I sometimes asked myself why I was going to such an effort for a mushroom trip. Looking back, I know that traveling to see Maria Camille in San Miguel was the best thing I could have done. Maria knows exactly what she is doing. She welcomed me with her warm and calm manner and took a lot of time before and during my stay to prepare me for the mushroom trip so that I was absolutely ready on the day. During my trip she was my guardian angel and watched over me so that I could fully immerse myself in the experience. The day after we discussed my experience together and she helped me integrate this most profound experience into my life. Her experience and wisdom is so supportive and reassuring. Maria is always available to answer any further questions, and as she says, the real transformation actually only begins after the trip. And what a transformation! A reset button was pressed and absolute clarity was created. Forever grateful to have found Maria and to have been accompanied by her on this journey.


Letter of Recommendation – For Maria Camille

I take great pleasure in writing this Letter of Recommendation for Maria Camille.  I have known Maria primarily through our combined efforts competing in National, International and World Parachuting Championships.

Being competitive in national and international parachuting requires great courage, tremendous discipline and total dedication with training and jumps being conducted 365 days a year.  In all aspects necessary for this demanding sport, Maria placed herself on a relentless training drive that won her the titles of National and World Parachuting Champion.  Maria honed her skills to an edge that could be equaled by few men and women in the world that I have known in my eighteen years of experience.

I have observed Maria professionally as well as in sports.  Maria is one of the most outstanding people that I have ever known.  She possesses the capacity to acquire knowledge and grasp new concepts better than anyone I know. She is both charming and personable while at the same time encourages candor and frankness.  Her loyalty and integrity are unquestionable and she has moral courage in abundance.  Maria is at her best when challenged.  She is very innovative and usually excels where others fail, particularly in situations where no rules or guidelines have been written.  Maria is unequivocally dependable and can be expected to get high marks, especially during periods of high mental and physical stress.  Maria works outstanding as a team member, but her strongest trait is being able to work as an individual.   As attested by her outstanding performance in parachuting, Maria is a person with unmatched determination coupled with the unique ability to accomplish almost any task with limited guidance or supervision. Maria is that rare person who does all things well.  I would strongly recommend her FIRST for almost any assignment or position.

C. E. W. – LTC, IN

Chief, S & T Division

Department of the Army

Headquarters, United States Army Tactical Concepts Activity

Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, Virginia

I had the privilege of participating in a mushroom retreat with Maria in October of 2022.

It truly has changed my life, in many ways.  For me, the experience was one of a deep, spiritual awakening; I got to be outside in nature and communed with the clouds, and spirits, overlooking the town of San Miguel, for most of one glorious afternoon. 

Maria is very skilled at what she does, and she creates a "set and setting" so that you get the most out of your experience.

Working with Maria is not someone just handing you mushrooms and saying, have a nice trip; what she offers is so much more than that, with the meetings beforehand, the loving support and tending to you the day of the experience, and then the follow up with art therapy, where we created something to help remind us of our visions.

I am so very grateful that I met Maria and I could not have been happier with every single interaction with her.  She is bringing a huge gift to the planet and I wish everyone could have this experience.


Rewire your brain!

I sought out Maria to treat a lifetime of depression. It was the right choice. What happened was the most profound journey imaginable and was nothing short of rewiring my brain! Continual ruminating about bad life events that couldn't be changed? Gone.

A deep sense of being spiritually guided going forward? Present.

Maria is one of the most caring and intuitive people I've ever met. You cannot ask for a better guide. Sometime in the middle of my journey she just knew that early '70s Pink Floyd music was just the right fit and she was absolutely right.

I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. She will guide you where you need to go both before, during and after your journey" 


-George Scalo

Ciao Maria


I hope this message finds you well. As I find myself in a rare moment of calm after my whirling dervish ways. I feel compelled to extend gratitude for what was an extraordinary experience. 

The group retreat was nothing short of exceptional. Each meal was a culinary delight, the villa's beauty was breathtaking, and the thoughtful details, from the gift bags to the rustic black cups our chocolates were nestled in. I feel  honored not just to know you, but also to be a participant in such an inspiring dream that you’ve brought to life. Your vision has created a space where strangers came together and left as friends, connected by our shared experience.

Your team - Scott, Nate, Ellen, Kristi, Enicia, not to mention the two photographers.They  all deserve every bit of praise for their role in making this retreat memorable and for making everyone feel so cared for. Wherever the road or fate takes you, my hope is we will cross paths again.


Maria Downey

Alison Yendell - Retreat Facilitator


I recently had the greatest honor of working alongside Maria Camille at one of her Psilocybin Retreats in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende.  Maria Camille's professional expertise was evident from the start, as her years of knowledge and trust in the medicine brought trust, peace, and calm to the guests partaking in their first plant medicine journey.

Anyone considering working with Maria Camille on a retreat with Psilocybin would be blessed to have her guide them on this life-changing journey.  She holds space with such warmth and compassion making her clients feel right at home.

I have to say the plant medicine world has opened up in a whole new way over these past few years, and there are many claiming to have the knowledge of how to do this, but from my personal experience, I wouldn't want anyone else holding this sacred space other than Maria Camille.

Thank you, Maria Camille, for all your hard work and care. The love you pour into your retreats changes lives for the better.  I'm truly grateful and honored to have worked alongside you.

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