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Thank You 2023 . . . You Were Amazing

And, thank you, San Miguel de Allende . . . you blessed me with newfound wisdom, friendships, and a simple life far removed from the politics of the world

The year 2023 went by like a flash . . . have you noticed how time is speeding up? Or is it just because time seems to go faster when one is very busy - or a little of both?

It all started after The Guardian Newspaper wrote an article on one of my clients who took a psilocybin journey with me in San Miguel de Allende.


The Guardian was featuring stories on elders who are living the most unusual lives . . . I fit that mold even though I live far from any mold . . . you get the idea.


Through the Guardian Newspaper article and sharing the possibilities of the significant change that these special little mushrooms can give, over 200 inquiries came in. 

It made 2023 a year with little time for anything but planning private retreats for guests from Switzerland, the UK, Canada, the U.S., and Australia. -- 


I love my clients! It became a beautiful year of gaining new friendships, deep conversations, and planning our Next Chapters in life. 


Reinventing ourselves at this later stage in life has shown what miracles look like for those who have been on Benzo’s, SSRI’s, and other meds for years. . . we’re seeing how the trauma/drama of life can settle out to become a new calling without depression and the stagnancy that overcomes so many as we age.



Planning a Documentary –


In seeing the change in elder enthusiasm for life and change, a documentary project evolved in 2023 for a retreat date and filming to take place Feb. 2024. 

Turns out that Scott Wright (who The Guardian Newspaper wrote the story on) has produced two documentaries that got bought out by Netflix and Hulu. - -

So, Scott will be heading up this project. - - It's a BIG undertaking, but gee, what a project.


See info HERE– we still have a few spots open if you or someone you know may be interested in taking part. Get in touch with me at:



Masters, Misfits, and Mentors – a new passion project I started


For many years, I’ve been writing stories about the most interesting – out-of-the-box people I’ve met through my years of travel and work.  Along with my own entrepreneurial background in extreme sports and business, these stories of risk, reward, reinvention, and intrigue are gaining many readers. 

As this newsletter grows, we'll add many new ideas for reinvention and growing unique businesses - always with newfound inspiration.


Head over to this LINK and see what you think. I would love your feedback.  Really!



The Next Chapter Journal – How to Create Your Impossible; A More Me Project


In 2023, I produced a sweet little journal for those attending retreats and those looking to reinvent their lives.

It’s a fun “Playbook” – that takes you on a six-week journey to help you with your planning. 


Later in 2024, we’ll combine the journal with a Mastermind on ways to reinvent oneself – and how to achieve your new goals.


You can get the Next Chapter Journal in a PDF to print out when you are a paid subscriber to Masters, Misfits, and Mentors – in addition, you will receive a copy of my book, Becoming Badass; Unconventional Badass Lessons to Live Life on Your Terms. 


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Wishing YOU the BEST New Year! - -

I thank you for sharing your time with me!


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