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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

About - My Life as an Adventurer and Entrepreneur


I never planned to live this way. . . traveling for 40 some years, trying on new identities, taking part in adventures, expeditions, and entrepreneurial ventures worldwide.


As I was open to life while at the same time running from life new doors always opened. I learned, I ran into many monsters and slew dragons and tigers - I became wise. There were many heartaches, fears, and failures.


After many years, I realized it was my path to create and incubate ideas, to journey into the unknown, and live all the experiences that came my way. I’m glad to have walked this mosaic path.  

MY GIFT is not only foretelling trends but also incubating them as well as living them. My honed learning and in-depth observation are seeing the positioning and path for others to go beyond the cookie-cutter approach, while at the same time bringing together a solid foundation for success. 

As a lifestyle coach and plant medicine host, I provide Vision Quest Retreats for reinventing oneself, finding your inner warrior, and inspiring creative ideas. 


As an "artist" I give performance art demos of Wabi-Sabi Art and teach others how to Host Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats at destination resorts and retreat locations. 


When you join my newsletter, you can look forward to getting new ideas, inspiration, and retreat invitations.

I look forward to knowing you!  Drop me an email below to connect.  I always answer.  

Mucho Love

Maria Camille


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