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Head Shot - Phx 2

Hi!  So Glad You're Here.

As a lifelong traveler, I've been creating adventures, entrepreneurial projects, and reinventing new lifestyle designs for three decades. I’ve run into many monsters and slew dragons and tigers! I'm glad to have lived this mosaic life.  

In my younger years, I experienced the death of my 2-year-old son, two homes being burned to the ground, and infinite pain in a bad marriage of government mafia.  I’ve experienced the deepest depths and have had to start over and reinvent myself numerous times. 


To numb the pain, I trained day and night for years to become an elite extreme sports world champion (on the U.S. Parachute Team), competing in one of the most difficult mind/body competitions. This focused training for over ten years gave me the insight to apply the same principles of peak performance to coaching others.

While founding and producing The Beauty Show TV series (distributed on airline in-flight programming), I worked with over 400 women to help them start new chapters in their life journey.  


As a hospitality wellness consultant, I’ve worked with healing retreats and destinations worldwide to design the best healing therapies and product developments.


And now, years later and living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I have taken all I've learned to help our war veterans and middle-agers dealing with PTSD and depression with special private psilocybin therapy retreats.  I give gratitude for this deep work and the wonderful guests I've hosted from around the world.  

Currently, I'm also launching an online class for other therapists and coaches to add Wabi Sabi Art Therapy to their practice. This integration program draws on my years of studying the internal martial arts, Daoist, and Zen teachings.  Stay tuned for more info soon . . . 

Mucho Love

Maria Camille

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