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The Next Chapter

Mid-Life Adventurers, Magic Mushrooms, and a Healing Journey to the Center of the Mind

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

February 26 - 29,  2024

The Next Chapter is a small group psilocybin luxury
retreat for those between the ages of 50 - 70's to reboot -
rewire, and reinvent the next chapter of your life

Your best life lies ahead . . .


No matter what path you are on or where you are on that path, there are many roads to choose from. 


In today’s world, it takes a new paradigm of living to excel with any dream or goal. Most likely, you’ll need to reinvent yourself many times. You’ll not only need to be mentally fit but also physically fit. 


For many between the ages 50’s – 70’s, life has become hyphenated, we think and operate mostly as scattered pieces of a whole.  New realities and change seem beyond our control and often impervious to reason.  


However, there is an escalating cultural shift that is uniting those who share numinous dreams of change and where all are gravitating towards a new operational philosophy.  This evolving enlightenment reveals a coming together of dreams for diverse goals that focus on change, wellness, philosophy and self-actualization. 

It’s Not a Mere Getaway -  

It’s a Transformational Reinvention

for 2024 and Beyond 

We invite you to come together with like-minded seekers in magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for a 4-day, 3-night retreat that will undoubtedly change how you see the world and likely change the course of your life.


The Mission will be to choose eight attendees between the ages of 50 – 70’s who look to head up a powerful creative idea – a personal Passion Project, so to speak, that changes your future and takes you into The Next Chapter.  

It's a Vision Quest Retreat, and the Beginning of a Documentary Project

After an article in The Guardian newspaper announced our project focusing on young elders changing their lives through psilocybin therapy, we’ve had a stream of folks inquiring about and waiting for the Vision Quest Retreat. We plan to film much of the event, including interviews with those who participate as we explore developing a documentary project focusing on the therapeutic effects of plant-medicine therapy for young elders.

Apply Below to take Part - We'll Ask You . . . 

Why would you like to take part in this project?

What are the reasons you would like to use psilocybin to help reinvent your Next Chapter?

How likely are you to follow-through with the whole project?

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Apply to Take Part

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This Retreat is for you, if . . . 
Psyche Allende

You have a deep desire to change The Next Chapter of your life and create an intentional Passion Project to work on:  


  Have you always wanted to paint, write, dance, or learn a musical instrument -

    but told yourself you weren’t “good enough” or “talented enough”?

•   Do you have a book, song, or film in you that’s just waiting to get out?

•   Do you have an idea for a new business venture or a charitable organization to

    aid a cause you’re passionate about?

•   Or do you want to improve your life and the understanding of your place in it?


Your Passion Project can be anything - these are just some general suggestions.  The Next Chapter - Vision Quest Journey, is designed to help you bring your project to fruition.


You are middle-aged or a young elder who wants to reinvent your life through a psilocybin vision quest journey and other life-changing lessons.


You are at a place in your life where you are ready and willing to add more depth and knowledge to your Next Chapter - with the knowledge that the best ideas are ever-learning, and you thus are empty enough and ego-less enough in your “expertise” to approach your quest with “a beginners mind.”

Image by Ravi Avaala

Retreat Activities

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This mosaic 4-day journey starts before you even arrive . . .

Before arriving at the retreat, you’ll receive:


The Vision Quest Playbook

The Creative Way to Create Your ImPossible


Before the retreat, you’ll envision a unique Passion Project to work on. The Playbook guides you to success before and during the retreat.



A private 45-minute call with retreat leaders Maria Camille and Scott Wright to go over your Power Project and get ready for the retreat . . .

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Apply to Take Part

Leave your email below and we'll send you information on this special retreat program and how to apply.

Thanks for submitting!

Our Team



My psilocybin journey with Maria Camille was simply, wonderful.  It is difficult to describe with words!  I have a life long history of major depression, multiple traumas and as a RN, my life was devoted to the care of others.
Going off antidepressants for two weeks prior to the psilocybin journey was concerning but I had high expectations for this “treatment” and was not disappointed!  My research demonstrated psychedelics have highly beneficial results for PTSD and depression and my hero’s trip confirmed that.
Maria’s thoroughness, knowledgeable and guidance was invaluable. I felt totally secure and cared for the entire journey.  The insights I received during my journey gave me peace and a plan to pursue a new path in my retirement life.  I feel so much better physically and mentally healthier than I have most of my life.  I will not resume using antidepressants.

Don’t hesitate!  Give yourself the majic gift of healing!!!  Do it now!


With a history of childhood and adult trauma and almost 30 years of therapy, I asked the plant medicine to grab my attention and heal my heart.  After all my childhood “training” to deny my feelings and put up with unacceptable behavior, I began believing that mine was an intractable case of codependency and serving as a doormat.  Since my retreat experience, I have a new perspective and a clear vision of what I am getting from another person and how I feel about it.  I am more readily seeing where I am cherished and affirmed.  It was a very cleansing feeling to cry in a safe environment. 

During my session, I was encouraged to come back to my heart, and indeed I was able to pay attention to my heart in a way that I had been neglecting.  I am fully conscious of my choices and my activities.  


I felt very supported by Maria and felt a strong sisterhood of emotional support and support that was tangible in the very stones of our lodging and the mountain where we journeyed. I can trust my heart, feel my feelings, and learn from them. 


I had the privilege of participating in a mushroom retreat with Maria in October of 2022.

It truly has changed my life, in many ways.  For me, the experience was one of a deep, spiritual awakening; I got to be outside in nature and communed with the clouds, and spirits, overlooking the town of San Miguel, for most of one glorious afternoon. 

Maria is very skilled at what she does, and she creates a "set and setting" so that you get the most out of your experience.

Working with Maria is not someone just handing you mushrooms and saying, have a nice trip; what she offers is so much more than that, with the meetings beforehand, the loving support and tending to you the day of the experience, and then the follow up with art therapy, where we created something to help remind us of our visions.

I am so very grateful that I met Maria and I could not have been happier with every single interaction with her.  She is bringing a huge gift to the planet and I wish everyone could have this experience.


Rewire your brain!

I sought out Maria to treat a lifetime of depression. It was the right choice. What happened was the most profound journey imaginable and was nothing short of rewiring my brain!


Continual ruminating about bad life events that couldn't be changed? Gone.


A deep sense of being spiritually guided going forward? Present.


Maria is one of the most caring and intuitive people I've ever met. You cannot ask for a better guide.


Sometime in the middle of my journey she just knew that early '70s Pink Floyd music was just the right fit and she was absolutely right.


I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. She will guide you where you need to go both before, during and after your journey" 

A Golden Opportunity


Do you have the courage to reinvent yourself and design your new destiny? Do you want to propel your new reinvention forward? Cultivate your potential, re-energize your focus and make change happen?

The commitment - 

Investment in a quality innovative retreat such as The Vision Quest isn’t without cost, both financially and energetically.  But if you're up for changing your life and can manifest $3900, the benefits, money, time, and energy you invest to participate will “give back” by empowering your Passion Project idea and enabling new doors of possibility to your Next Chapter to breathe open.

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Apply to Take Part

Leave your email below and we'll send you information on this special retreat program and how to apply.

Thanks for submitting!

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