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Small Group Psilocybin Retreat
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A Vision Quest Journey


It’s Not a Mere Getaway.  It’s a Transformational Reinvention

for 2023 and beyond  


March 20 - 24, 2023

June 19 - 23, 2023

July, 10 - 14, 2023

Maximum Group Size is 8 Guests

Retreat location, San Miguel de Allende

Who this Retreat is Perfect For

You would like to experience a psilocybin journey with other women in a small group.

You would like to create a new Life Purpose.


You want to travel to a location full of energy, ideas, and beauty to stimulate your creative ideas.

You long for something more and need to get away from your everyday schedule to SEE a new way forward.


You've heard about psilocybin mushrooms and other plant medicines for therapies . . . but do not know how to get started.


Does this resonate with you?

If so, I invite you to send me an email or book a

call, and we’ll take time to connect and discuss what you would like to achieve.

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Our retreat center;  Cuna del Cielo

Meet Your Hosts

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About - Maria Camille


As a life-long traveler, I've been creating adventures, entrepreneurial projects, and reinventing new lifestyle designs for three decades.  I’ve run into many monsters and slew dragons and tigers!

While founding and producing The Beauty Show TV series (distributed on airline in-flight programming) I worked with over 400 women to help them start new chapters in their life journey.  


As a hospitality wellness consultant, I’ve worked with healing retreats and destinations worldwide to design the best healing therapies and product developments.


With our war veterans and middle-agers dealing with PTSD and depression, I design programs where I console, mentor, and host psilocybin mushroom healing therapies bringing about impressive change.


In my younger years, I experienced the death of my 2-year-old son, two homes being burned to the ground, and infinite pain in a bad marriage of government mafia.  I’ve experienced the deepest depths and have had to start over and reinvent myself numerous times. 


As an elite extreme sports world champion (on the U.S. Parachute Team), I spent years training in one of the most difficult mind/body competitions.  This focused training for over ten years gave me the insight to take the same principles of peak performance into coaching others.


About Alison Yendell


As an adventuring single mother of four, I previously struggled with depression and addiction until I found my path as a Somatic Therapist and facilitator of plant medicine, specifically Psilocybin, through my profound healing journey's.  


Since my breakthrough, I have spent my time in service to the well-being of others through offerings in trauma release, grief work, and assisting clients in connecting to their highest self and life purpose. 


As a facilitator and space holder, my work took an unexpected turn five years ago with the tragic loss of my beloved daughter Maya. In a process of being with, moving through, and integrating my grief process, I have gained invaluable insights into my healing journey receiving precious tools to help others in this sacred and layered process. 


My body of work, Landscapes of Grief, is an individualized and ever-evolving modality that allows my clients to feel fully safe, related to, and seen as they embark on their healing process. With the help of sacred plant medicines, I hold space for and am witnessing profound transformations. 


As a mother, animal lover, and devotee to mother Gaia, it is my highest honor to be in service to the healing journey for both the individual and the collective. 

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My Life Changing Psilocybin Mushroom Experience 
Recommendation by B. O'Niell    


I recently had a wonderful psilocybin retreat in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with the wonderful Maria Camille and her co-facilitator Alison Yendell.

For me, it was an eye-opening, life-changing spiritual awakening.  I gained many insights, and answers to some questions that were bothering me, about my current life situation.

It opened my eyes to new possibilities and has strongly helped me in becoming clearer about what I want to do in the next chapter of my life.  Fortunately, I am in a unique position, on the verge of retiring, with a business I can also do partially online, which will allow me to be free to travel and explore the possibility of living in Mexico next year.


I can’t recommend doing the “journey” with Maria Camille and Alison Yendell enough, and I very much wish all my close friends and family could participate in the experience.  The way it is structured works so well, with the meeting beforehand to discuss your intentions and get to know each other, then the afternoon of the actual experience, which included lots of attention if you needed it and some delicious, nourishing food at the end, and then the follow-up art therapy session the next day, where you create something to take home with you.


We (I did it with a close relative) were blessed to stay at a beautiful retreat center high in the hills of San Miguel, with a gorgeous panoramic view of the entire town. It was a dramatic cloudy day, and the clouds and the blue/gray sky were a big part of my journey that day. I spent most of the afternoon outdoors on a chaise lounge, looking out over the scenery and up at the sky.  What I saw and experienced is too personal to share publicly, but I wish everyone could have such an awakening as I had.  I hear that not all, but many, do. I do believe what Maria Camille said, that the mushroom has its own intelligence and knows what you need.  Part of my journey was very physical, I experienced some intense shaking, and I think my chakras were opening up.  Overall, I felt fine and alert during my entire journey and could carry on a conversation with Maria Camille as she checked on me.  She is there for you, at all times, with whatever you might need.


Maria Camille is an amazing woman, so wise, spiritual, and humble, and I am so happy I met her and can call her my friend, I hope, forever.  She gave me a gift I will never be able to thank her for fully.  I am on a new, more spiritual path because of my journey, and my life is already better for it.



This small group retreat will address your unique needs in a

way that cannot be achieved in large group settings. 

It’s all about you!  We call it " A More Me - Vision Quest" project.

  • A typical retreat lasts four nights - five days. 

  • To get started, we set up a zoom call to get to know each other and plan specifically what you envision along with the challenges you may be dealing with.

  • We help plan your stay and individual needs.  

  • Before your psilocybin journey, you'll have a spa treatment with bodywork/massage, and we'll work on a special diet.  We help you set intentions and start journaling your deepest thoughts. . . . 

  • Our Journey day will start in the afternoon around 1:00 and end around 5:00.  We'll end the day with a light dinner and relaxation so you can contemplate what the teacher plants have given you in thoughts and vision.

  • The next day we'll have an integration time - often delivered through the special Wabi-Sabi Art Therapy.

  • Most plan for one week or more in San Miguel de Allende, as there is much to discover to help you round out your visionary journey.

  • We will work together to generate a plan for moving forward with options for ongoing telephone coaching if desired.

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 Your Retreat fee includes:


                                                            Pre-and post-retreat calls

                                                                  One-on-one mentoring 

                                                                  One healing spa therapy customized for you

                                                                  Psilocybin Journey

                                                                  Day after integration 

                                                                  Retreat accommodations - 4 nights

                                                                  Breakfast each day

                                                                  Lunch on 1st and 3rd day

                                                                  Welcome dinner, and after the psilocybin journey

                                                                  Hot Tub; Steam; Infrared Sauna; Hiking;  


Retreat Fee:  $2,750


*  The Retreat fee does not include airfare, transportation, meals in town, or tours.

*  Payment plans available 



For more information and to book a reservation email