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Design a Lead Role for your Next Chapter of Life

It's like your movie of life, so why not be the Executive Producer and create the role you want to play

The Next Chapter of Life

Remember scenes from your past when you where young? When you got lost in so many competing directions? Each was convincing and alluring, but equally fatal when you mistook it for the real role you were meant to play.

Freedom to choose our role in our own wide-eyed movie of life is the ultimate freedom I think. What character you would play if you were the Executive Producer producing your role?

Think about how every phase of your life demands a different role. It could be an incredible experience if you spent the time to create the part you really want to play.

Think how you would not have to offer up numbing entertainment to those who applaud conformity and reward brilliance with sanitized mediocrity.

Think how so much brilliance and wit rots away when we do not care what part we play.

The Next Chapter Life - Movie

Becoming the Executive Producer of your Next Chapter . .

What do Executive Producers do?

They develop their own ideas about the roles they want to create.

They drive their vision, story, art, and quest forward in epic proportions.

They create their own style and put a spin on how they want their role to evolve.

They do not look for what’s happening — they create what’s happening.

They do not look for the — It Factor. They are It.

Executive Producers keep ownership of the role they create, they do not sell out their character, instead, they nurture their character into the main scene.

They do not rely on governments, religions, and guru’s to show them how their story unfolds — they learn to make decisions wisely and manifest options for every situation their character comes up against.

Executive Producers hone their ideas with other passionate creators  —  those creative, driven souls who brave the negativity of the complacent, celebrate risk, and do not fear losing themselves.

And, if you master the art of being an Executive Producer, it’s like being your own Life Coach

They notice when their passion is slipping will reinvent a new role before it’s too late.

They carefully develop each role they want to play like it’s their own Life Workshop.

They master change and reinvent themselves often to keep their role strong and moving forward. If not, they know someone else will come along and take their part.

They take time to develop the power and presence of their character. They make sure their role is completely authentic and not made up. They know authenticity only empowers and enhances their role.

They develop each role to have it’s own significance and form of grace. They practice and repeat until their part becomes intuitive.

They develop special opportunities for themselves. They start by creating their Potential.

They give a Samurai commitment in their Next Chapter of Life — even when they are hanging-off-a-cliff with no way to survive.

When they master their role they often become a Hero. But a good Executive Producer knows beforehand the trap of becoming the Hero. They know that having special powers is completely beside the point and the truth is that of a bigger purpose.

They also keep mindful of developing an ego character who wants success fast.

They know they need to fully understand the purpose and potential within their Next Chapter, otherwise, their role will never mature and gain momentum.

They know they have to love their role in their Next Chapter to the extent they would play the part even if no one was watching and no money was attached. It’s just the role they are interested in. It’s the art of who they are. It has to be that pure.

And, because master Executive Producers control their production -

They develop their Next Chapter so they never reach a complete ending.

They keep their ideas flowing into new developments, successes, and insurmountable challenges. This is what gives their role appealing energy. People want to see what happens next.

And, even when our role is to die, we know we will be coming back in another lifetime to play an even bigger part.

We become Legend.

Are you ready to engage and produce your Next Chapter in Life? Then, The Next Chapter Retreat and documentary production is for you coming up February 26 -29, 2024.

Reach out to Maria Camille; - (there are only a couple of spots left).


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