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You're Invited

A Unique Private Retreat
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The borders are open and San Miguel de Allende in the

highlands of Mexico just may be the most inspiring place to

get super creative and envision something new for the future.

Time-out needs to be touched, felt, and experienced.

It requires participation and emersion into self. 

It needs a distinctive narrative to refresh and catch you

off guard just a little.  


Pictures of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Give Yourself Time to Wander . . . 


In the magical city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, you’ll have time to immerse

yourself in an intensive exploration that constantly propels inspiration.


Your retreat could be with a small group of friends or a private one-on-one life

vision experience that is customized to give you exactly what you need at a

a pace that works for you.

Give Yourself the Gift of Change


Like many of us . . . as each new stage in life creeps up we look to reinvent what is not working. 

Sometimes it’s everything – from where we live, to how we work and play.

Many are thinking more out of the box than ever before.   


That's Where I Come In . . . 

The future can seem pretty overwhelming, and it can be tempting to stay as you are.  

But, what if you had a seasoned life coach help you on a soul-searching journey

of self-discovery to develop the role you were meant to play in your movie of life.


Taking a few days to nurture a new vision and renew your spirit will pay amazing dividends! 


It's Called Visionary Work

It’s about self-inquiry with the guidance of someone who has been there

and walked the talk.  It’s about gaining clarity about what you need in your

life to be truly happy and at peace.

Pictures of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Maria Camille - Sedona.jpg

Maria Camille

Visionary Coach - Art Therapy

About - Maria Camille


As an enthusiastic life-long traveler and citizen of the world, I've been creating adventures, entrepreneurial projects, ideas, and reinventing new lifestyle designs for three decades.  I’ve run into many monsters and slew dragons and tigers!

While founding and producing The Beauty Show TV series, (distributed on airline in-flight programming) I worked with over 400 women to help them start new chapters in their life journey.  


As a hospitality wellness consultant, I’ve worked with healing retreats and destinations worldwide to design the best healing therapies and product developments.


With our war veterans dealing with PTSD and depression I’ve brought about programs at retreats where I’ve consoled, mentored, and hosted psilocybin mushroom healing therapies bringing about impressive change.


In my younger years, I experienced the death of my 2-year-old son, two homes being burned to the ground, and infinite pain in a bad marriage of government mafia.  I’ve experienced the deepest depths and have had to start over and reinvent myself numerous times. 


I’m also an elite extreme sports world champion (on the U.S. Parachute Team) where I spent years training in one of the most difficult mind/body competitions.  This focused training for over 10 years gave me the insight to take the same principles of peak performance into coaching others.

Who this Retreat is Perfect For


You’re ready to travel but you also want to create a new Life Purpose


You want to travel to a location that is full of energy, ideas, and beauty to stimulate your creative ideas.

You can work from anywhere and look to reinvent a new lifestyle while working.


You are longing for something more and need to get away from your current everyday schedule to SEE a new way forward.


You may be an artist, have a book you’ve wanted to write, or another art form that is your passion but are frustrated with your progress.

You've heard about psilocybin mushrooms and other plant medicines for therapies . . . but do not know how to get started.


Does this resonate with you?

If so, I invite you to send me an email or book a

call and we’ll take time to connect and discuss what you would like to achieve.


Here's how we're going to roll . . . 


Your personal retreat will address your unique needs in a way that cannot be achieved in a large group setting.  It’s all about you!


A typical retreat lasts 3 nights, 4 days with 4 hours of one-on-one coaching time each day. A typical day usually runs from 11:30-3:30 with a mid-day break to enjoy San Miguel de Allende.


I help you line up activities you would enjoy, such as; 



A Wabi-Sabi Art Journey - A most special 1/2 day retreat.  

Cultural Shopping - I point you in the direction of where to find typical

weavings, pottery, art, and clothing from indigenous sellers

A trip to the many hot springs in and around San Miguel de Allende

A tour of the old Hacienda's that have been preserved and made into

beautiful homes and boutique hotels.

The best restaurants for foodies

. . . . and more!

Most plan for a couple of weeks in San Miguel de Allende, as there is so much to discover to help you round out your visionary journey.


The amount of time we spend together each day depends on your energy and choices.


We will work together to generate a plan for moving forward with options for ongoing telephone coaching.


You’ll leave feeling happier, more balanced, and at peace with your life.





My retreats are unique in that I do not work in a retreat center environment. San Miguel de Allende is full of unique boutique hotels, which I  can recommend.  You pick the setting you find most nurturing and appealing, and I’ll bring the retreat experience to you.

Be The Change

Life is like an art performance, so why not be your own Executive Producer and create the role you want to play.

Think about how every phase of life demands a different role. It could be an incredible experience if you spent the time to create the role you want to play.

Confidence and freedom is what you gain.

Butterfly in SMA.jpg


My retreat coaching fee includes:


2 hours of pre-and post-retreat calls

4 hours of one-on-one mentoring for 4 days

1 healing spa therapies customized for you

A gift bag of wellness products

An artist day – (a creative journey experience)


Retreat and Coaching Fee:  $800


The Retreat does not include: airfare, meals, accommodations.  I can arrange your accommodations according to what you would like to experience 

For you to consider


I’m a huge believer to add a private visionary journey ceremony with psilocybin mushrooms.  Often called plant medicines, teacher plants, or magic mushrooms, these special gifts of nature are being used worldwide for healing therapies and as a creativity booster to see into the future. 


As a guide for these ceremonies, I know how much an entry-level ceremony with this extraordinary teacher plant can make a difference in someone’s life to kick-start a new lifestyle path.  If you would like to add in a personal ceremony, we can talk this over.