Bring Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats
to your Wellness Destination 

Treat your guests to something New - Big and Bold . . . the new mindfulness journey that therapists and activity leaders are embracing.


No experience is necessary 

We provide live training plus online training

When we train staff at a destination we add in the most incredible art performance show for guests. It's a wellness experience journey with art.  And, you (the property) are gifted with one of the large performance art pieces.

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The New Mindfulness Experience Journey
coming to Destination Resorts and Retreat Properties

 Just as spas no longer focus on just pampering their guests – wellness is also changing to a foundation built from the inside out through special “mindfulness journeys.” There is a definite shift happening among travelers towards wanting more experiences rather than mere accommodations and amenities.  

Enter, Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats, the new “art therapy-based wellness alchemy”


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Live Training Event

We teach your staff all that is needed through our 3-day live event, or via our online class

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Performance Art Event

While at your property, we provide the most magical live wellness event for guests and staff. Not to be missed!!

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Resort Promotions

You'll benefit from the extensive marketing we provide when adding Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats to your Experiences Menu

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Your Teacher
Maria Camille

Be Free to Soar . . . 

Marie Camille has walked in many shoes; as an elite 4-time extreme sports world champion; author; TV producer; wellness hospitality consultant and entrepreneur. 


Over 15 years ago, Maria developed BaGua Flow, an internal martial arts mind/body training for sports competitions.  Maria brought her classes to destination resorts and retreat properties as she traveled on assignment. Resort guests loved the classes as they were so unique and fun.


Now, Maria has redesigned the program as a day retreat combined with art therapy using giant Japanese brushes and gentle movement meditation. This life-giving, inner-outer mind/body therapy combines movement and meditation into a poetically choreographed life-affirming breath-flow sequence of art expression. 

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats are a fun and empowering art therapy day retreat using giant Japanese brushes that come alive through breath-flow meditative movement that unleashes new-found energy into artistic expression.


WABI and SABI are two different things when they are looked at alone:

WABI is about finding beauty in things that are simple and humble. 

SABI is how time passes, how things grow, age, and die, and how it looks beautiful in their imperfections. It suggests that beauty is hidden beneath the surface of what we see, even in things we think are broken.

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The Day Retreat Process

The Wabi-Sabi Art Retreat starts with your guests meeting at a beautiful location within your property. Excitement and anticipation build as your guests see the giant brushes and large pieces of paper they will be playing with. A nice addition is to serve a special cup of tea or another refreshment while your group gets to know each other.


The experience starts with a special Qi Gong breathing and movement exercise. Watch as your guests begin to get "into the zone" and start connecting with themselves.

As the special energy builds, you'll lead your guests into trying their first art expression formed through connecting their energy with the brush.  (the “brush mind”)  As the brush hits the paper, a beautiful splay of paint forms from your guests' energy.  How the art comes through is secondary as your guests advance to larger pieces of paper up to the grand finale' - using the giant brush.


This inspiring and therapeutic day retreat shows how life expresses itself as art. The process is effortless. You are leading your guests to empty all their energy onto the paper. You are not focusing on knowledge, beliefs, or skills, only the act of the moment.


Your guests will love their art pieces to take home!  

Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats . . . 

"How beautiful it is for guests to find new creativity then rest afterwards"

This is what your Guests feel
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Bring the live training & guest event to your property - or, have your staff learn via the online class

Currently, I'm teaching live at properties within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. The fee structure for live training and performance event is $1,800, plus expenses. 


The good news about the live training fee is that you can recover the fee from the live performance event held for the guests and public.

Another option is our Online Class, which is available worldwide.  The fee for the online class is $1,200 per person. 


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Live Event Training Includes

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Day 1

Introduction & Purpose

What is Wabi-Sabi Art

What will make you and your property successful with this Experience Journey

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Day 2


What is Qi Gong

How to teach the breathing - meditation exercise

How to bring the energy into the "brush mind" for art expression

Day 3


How to host the Wabi-Sabi Art Retreat

What supplies are needed

How to Market your Retreat

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What is Covered

Public Event the first night

PR and Media


Supplies for learning

On-going help & Zoom calls

What is Not Covered




Your destination resort or retreat property would be successful if you . .

  • You have a beautiful quiet location on your property - preferably in nature to host the day retreat . . . 


  • You embrace mindfulness exeriences that are new, creative and bold . . . 


  • You have interest to do something artistic at your property, but no viable option has been presented . . . 


  • You would like to have an Experience Journey for your guests that books out consistently while at the same time brings a profitable bottom line to your revenues . . .  


  • You would like to get started and be up and running quickly . . .


  • You have therapists or other staff that would like a fun new way to give your clients a special therapy day . . 


  • You would like a fun new addition to what you now offer your guests . . .

  • You would like to host a beautiful public event that brings new interest to your property with a profitable event fee . . . 



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Best Price

Wabi-Sabi Art Retreat 
Teacher Training 

Reinvent your future by taking advantage of this special offer

As this is our launch, our first group will receive this very low price. You'll also receive private Zoom calls - group Q & A and other course updates as we expand.  Come, be a part of our Alumni!