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Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats
Sneak Peek of Online Course

Thanks for coming to visit!  Below, you'll find aspects of our online course.  


Demo Video

This video provides a peek of Maria Camille giving a demo of Wabi-Sabi Art.  Note, we start with a breathing and movement meditation for mind/body, then go straight into connecting the brush with the paper with full Qi (energy) . . . It’s art without the mind getting in the way.  The art becomes an expression of one's energy and soul.  It’s an expression of freedom, personal power, and creativity.

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Intro Video for Class

This is the introduction video of the online class with Maria Camille.  


Sample Content - About Wabi-Sabi - What to Expect

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Sample Marketing

You receive 40 templates to edit as you wish - a beautiful bonus!

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