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You’re Invited! Global Retreat Week September 2023

Imagine this . . . once a year, for one week . . . all around the world destination retreat properties and retreat leaders host the best of what they have to offer for travelers who are looking to Rewind – Recharge, Rebalance and Reinvent.

Think; fresh-air nature retreats - linked multi-property wellness where the guest is the pilgrim in an immersive story - Zen - Wabi-Sabi - vision quests, psychedelic therapies, sleep/retreat rooms, organic products and food, quiet solitude, sound and light inspiration, and gratitude for the details.

This is just a peak into the shift amongst travelers wanting more experiences rather than mere luxury accommodations and amenities. The quest for physical and intellectual challenges that deliver personal growth and transformation IS the new luxury.

The new perspective of wellbeing is just huge as travelers pursue self-actualization, extreme authenticity, and the thought of creating a better me. It’s now less about what I have and more about who I am. Travelers are seeking to step into a story larger than themselves when booking a stay. It’s about experiences that are distinct, immersive and difficult to attain.

These are the insights of long-time hospitality consultants and founders of Global Retreat Week, Maria Camille and Tammy Petersen who are launching this most innovative yearly retreat event.

Global Retreat Week Leading the Way

The new innovative model is built on a yearly event led by a collection of twenty of the best retreat properties taking place around the world.

“We love collaborating with amazing visionaries who are working to bring the power of retreats to more people. As more destination resorts and retreat leaders facilitate ways to help their fellow humans grow outside traditional boundaries, we bring them into the fold of Global Retreat Week.”

Each property taking part in Global Retreat Week has devised their own special retreat to help guests disconnect, reconnect, recharge, and reinvent oneself while transcending nation, language, and creed.

Maria Camille and Tammy Petersen look to represent destination retreat properties that elevate each aspect of a traveler's experience that steps outside the traditional – it’s about getting away from the big box way of doing things.

This years Global Retreat Week date is September 23- 27th 2023. The locations and what the different retreats offer can be found on as the launch unfolds over the next six months.

Whether you’re searching for a retreat for rest and rejuvenation, to rebalance your life, or want to create and launch a new idea, - no matter the reason, it is the act of retreating for one week that makes the difference.

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To take part as one of our destinations contact; Maria Camille;

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