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What is a Psilocybin Vision Quest?

Using a special recipe of cacao, psilocybin mushroom, and other plant adaptogens - called teacher plants provides an enlightened journey

Psilocybin Vision quest

Anthropologists from the 19th century termed Vision Quest as the rite-of-passage ceremony of Native American cultures. Most indigenous cultures worldwide have a rite-of-passage tradition to mark significant life changes or transitions through guided ceremonies.

Most often, the ceremony included several days where one left the community to journey into the unknown to discover who they are, tap into their warrior power and "see" their life path.

Today a vision quest in the form of a retreat is a powerful way to reinvent oneself, mourn, release, welcome, and celebrate important life transitions.

Especially in our challenging times, I think a vision quest retreat that focuses on renewing your life path is mandatory. Personally, I make it part of my yearly regime'.

The Vision Quest Retreat:

It's best when embarking on a vision quest to be in nature and with a guide who brings you an element of grounding and understands visionary change.

How many times would you have liked to start over but never did?

Think about how every phase of life demands a different vision. It could be an incredible experience if you spent the time to create the vision you want to live. The ultimate freedom is the freedom to choose your role in your wide-eyed movie of life.

But it’s not easy – is it? That big decision to leave a job, end a marriage, or start over with little direction or funds to be secure.

The Challenge with Change is we want it Fast and Easy

It can be depressing because we're Here, but we want to be There. But our needs wants, and dreams do not come pre-packaged. We ultimately have to figure out a new direction. And we spend countless hours trying to narrow the divide.

The truth is that for the human mind, everything that crosses its path can be a potential tool for expansion.

Consider when we are in an urgent situation, our minds usually snap to attention. We pay attention to details that normally elude us because they might spell the difference between success and failure, life and death. We are surprised at how inventive we can be. This is where we get a glimpse of what our mental power can be. The vision that is usually untapped.

Using Psilocybin Mushroom for The Vision Quest

Psilocybin mushrooms help illuminate new perspectives and pathways in life. They have a distinct intelligence of their own that guides your vision quest toward what it perceives to be the most pressing priority, targeting what needs to be healed.

While having an intention in mind before healing with mushrooms is essential, don’t be surprised if your vision quest takes a turn of its own. The power of mushrooms is to heal and reveal. This is where we need to let go and trust the healing intelligence of the mushroom.

Using a special recipe of cacao, psilocybin mushroom, and other plant adaptogens - called teacher plants provides an enlightened journey to help us listen and then challenge our vision that often has a deeper depth than we are used to.

Although working with plant medicines is not something to be taken lightly, psilocybin is arguably the safest of all plant medicines. Unlike many naturally occurring plant medicines, they are incredibly gentle and non-toxic in the body and actually encourage the new growth of neurons in the brain. As adaptogens, they also help the body repair from the damaging effects of stress and work to restore physiological function.

Psilocybin mushrooms will open the door and show you the possibilities, but you must be the architect of the new road ahead.

Fresh ideas, new perspectives, transformation of pain and negativity, alleviating personal and systemic toxicity, reconnecting to nature and a greater purpose, understanding the importance of our place in the community...these are the gifts of the vision quest and wisdom of sacred mushroom medicine.

Contact: for information on having your own private vision quest retreat.


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