Welcome to the Jungle

I am a Rain Forest – I'm beautiful, powerful and full of energy

When you come to my forest, you will meet YOU.

I am a living – pulsing - breathing land – the lungs of the earth that is crucial for the climate.

The earth is my soul center and my forest of trees provides housing for many special animals, birds, plants and flowers. All these living beings are what make up my Energy.

My forest is thriving on a mountain over looking the pristine beaches of the Caribbean Sea above the special town of Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica – just an hour from the border of Panama.

The special service I’ve been giving as a Rain Forest during my lifetime has been to provide the backdrop and special setting for one of the first yoga retreats built in Costa Rica.

This makes me feel good, as I get special care from the people who come to visit me from around the world.

They come to relax and experience my wisdom and energy. Often, they find a new way of life by reinventing themselves or finding a powerful new way of being.

As a Rain Forest I feel good about this, as I have special powers in abundance to give.

My wisdom has been growing for hundreds of years, mainly through plant medicines that heal travelers to animals showing mankind how to live in harmony.

As a Rain Forest I look to the future.

Where will I be in another 5 to 10 years? In order to thrive, I need to grow my abundance in order to support the lives I touch.

It’s the people of many nationalities visiting here that appreciate and love me the most. They come from all over the world.

Now my role as a Rain Forest is changing.

My Forest looks to the future with a new vision. In the heart of my forest is a special piece of land, which is my heart and my energy. When I look into the future, I see a special group building a special wellness retreat studio space for creative thinkers, respecters of plant medicines and new leaders of the world coming together.

As a Rain Forest, I would enjoy this company, as forests also reinvent themselves. I will love and adore those who come to stay with me and nurture new ideas for the future. I will nurture you back.

I know the group who takes on this project will take good care of me and the other trees I’m connected to so we can keep growing for centuries to come.

The space to build is at my heart center and should be called: The Idea House

I want to provide my energy and wisdom for not only plant medicine healing, but for visitors to also have Think Tanks, Creativity Sessions and Power Time. This is the best use of my Rain Forest energy.

I look to see special developments evolve from The Idea House. I will be here to continue providing the setting that gives power for thought and creativity to those who seek.

In fact, just by being with me in the Rain Forest people will find wellness and heal their souls. They will reinvent their lives and futures. The Idea House will be so powerful, that people will become “well” just by being here in my forest.

My Rain Forest is constantly invigorating and the best place to meditate. I impact lives and how one thinks. Visitors become calm and learn how to live their ideas. Soon, they will notice their anxiety is gone. They may want to stay for a long time and are welcome to do so.

There should be a few very special visionaries that are the caretakers for this mission.

They will facilitate the ideas for those who want to bring this special project together.

As a Rain Forest who sees into the future, I know this project will grow into the future. I will watch with love and support as those who come together grow the future and build the best Retreat House ever.

If you are the right person to put this group together and make my Rain Forest dreams come true, get in contact with my caretaker, Maria Camille, who knows my heart and will be turning my land over to the group who makes my dreams come true.

Contact: maria@mariacamille.com