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We are the Elders . . . Dancing with Magic Mushrooms

Here is Scott’s journey, who danced with psilocybin mushrooms and talked about his experience in real-time during the trip.

Sixty-eight years old | Mushroom; Mexican Dutch King | Dose; 4 grams made with cacao, blue lotus, and rose water | Facilitator; Maria Camille

It’s all so cosmically fucking funny! So cosmically funny!

We’re taking everything too seriously . . . it doesn’t matter!

Oh, shit, we’re just scratching the surface . . .

So, that’s the deal . . . I think I get it, but there’s nothing to “get,” really.

There are no boundaries. . . it’s all an illusion


Maria (guide) is translucent, with blue lights flowing all around.

I see through layers, like x-ray vision, so clear, but we put vails over it all. I can see through the cabinets – like the plumbing, water container, etc., it’s glowing.

I don’t know how to calibrate what I’m seeing.

Seems like once you’re in, you can’t fully come out.


There is nothing to know and nothing to master.

You can’t go back to where you originally started.

Every time you change the channel, it’s a different movie and a different show.

Excuse me while I get back to the visuals.


My God, we think we know it all, but where have we fucking been?

It’s certainly nothing to be afraid of

I’m blown the fuck away beyond comprehension.

It’s abundantly clear to me . . . there’s nowhere to go. There’s no “there” there.


I see a lot of purple colors - I see the web of life – I see all the strands of the matrix.

I saw myself being born three times. The first two times were difficult, and the 3rd time I burst out with pure white light. I felt contractions and squeezed – I arrived at the Dao.

Then, I saw rainbows and my mom and grandmother.


I'm an electron out in the cosmos, then a silkworm – I flew out of the worm and became the silk strain.

I’m no longer morphing into different animals.


The tips of my hands, my fingers are turning green, globules of light are coming forth, and I can direct it where I want it to go.

(Shared later: As I’ve had prostate cancer, I directed the light to my prostrate and felt I healed myself. I think if I go to the doctor, they will not find anything.)


There is “No God” – all religions are one pointing to the same place and are merged into one.

I saw myself as a Black Man, Eskimo, Viking, Native American, and Asian – we’re all one.


I’m out in the galaxy and can access wormholes and go everywhere.

I keep seeing the web and strings – the matrix- parting like curtains.

I went into a pore in my hands and could see through my body, bones and all.

Every guest I host is remarkable - every story is unique. . . this is just one of many. I'm so grateful to the Mushroom for choosing me to facilitate their message and spirit.

In Gratitude . . . Maria Camille


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