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The Wabi Sabi of a Psilocybin Retreat

There is no way of knowing where the energy will take you, but we know

the journey will transform you

wabi sabi

Psilocybin Art Retreat with Maria Camille

How the Intention of Wabi Sabi Elevates a Psilocybin Journey

Wabi Sabi means the beauty of imperfection. It refers to the art of living with simplicity without the mind getting in the way. It’s an expression of your energy and soul. It’s about freedom, personal power, and creativity. When Wabi Sabi intention is given precedence before starting a psilocybin journey, it can be the beginning of a transformational journey.

Wabi Sabi - As an Art Form

Wabi Sabi is about your energy and your paintbrush becoming one – called the “brush mind.” Performing this type of art is a form of meditation – how the art comes through is secondary . . . hence, Wabi Sabi - the art of imperfection. It’s how life expresses itself as art. And when combining this intention with psilocybin, it forms a new way of thinking about how life can be lived.

The process of this art should be effortless with no identification of doing the art - it's a metaphor for how life can be lived with imperfection if we allow ourselves to get out of the way and focus our energy on new creativity. It’s about not focusing on knowledge, beliefs, or skills, only the act of living freely.

Just as each piece of art is unique depending on your energy, each new moment in life is special depending on your intention. A Psilocybin journey can take us to this depth. These precious teacher plants show us a new model of living in the moment. It’s as if life is being lived as an art project, with the experience showing us how life runs through us when we get out of the way.

Our research in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is increasingly showing us that psilocybin combined with Wabi Sabi art is a form of therapy for mental health and developing new creativity.

Wabi Sabi Art video

The Back Story

Many people choose to participate in psychedelic ceremonies for the purpose of healing and yet are unaware of the healing power of art. I was one of them until I had personal experience with art and psychedelics. I knew very little about art, but the idea of embracing a precious small dose of psilocybin mushrooms came to mind as I performed art with giant Japanese brushes. I wanted to see what energy art would be like on psilocybin mushrooms.

It felt like a calling.

When I first started, it was like learning a new language. There is no rhyme or reason; it was just creating. And then, I began to see the brilliance, and the art had a whole new meaning. The mushroom delivered just as I had dreamed. It was beautiful. I was granted new ways to think through it all. A small dose of psilocybin combined with art is one of the deepest processes I’ve ever experienced.

Without the psilocybin, I would never have taken this deeper step, and I most certainly would not have understood the lessons taught to me. Mainly, because the psilocybin provided a sort of deeper safe space without fear of judgment to explore my inner self.

We are limitless; explorers of what is . . .

Twice per year, I am bringing people together for a Psilocybin – Wabi Sabi retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to experience and explore this type of creativity and form a new way of living with imperfection, beauty, and new-found inspiration. There is no way of knowing where the vision quest will take you, but we know your art will transform you.

Come and take this journey and embrace new Dreams. . .

If you are interested in this type of creative journey, please reach out to me at:


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