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The Psilocybin Retreat where Young Elders become a Pilgrim in a Story of their Future Self . . .

Life Therapy at Earth School has never felt so good

The Psilocybin Retreat where Young Elders become a Pilgrim

Realizing you are in severe burn out or needing to make profound change in your life is not inspiring.

It makes most of us feel totally demoralized especially as we age. This is when you can easily get to the critical stage where you no longer see hope or a way out.

Often, we just sit and stare into space with vague dreams of future goals and past memories while sitting in a haze of pharmaceutical drugs, TV, politics, and routine.

If you lose yourself now — years can go by.

And, for those who signed up for a life of future bliss, it can be devastating as you watch the envelope of opportunities you really wanted pass you by.

This is when it’s time to go on a Vision Quest Retreat –

The Back-Story of the Vision Quest

Anthropologists term the Vision Quest as the rite-of-passage ceremony of Native American cultures. Most indigenous cultures worldwide have a rite-of-passage tradition to mark significant life changes or transitions that are guided ceremonies.

Most often the ceremony included several days where one left the community to journey into nature to discover a new path in life – hence; the vision quest.

Today a vision quest in the form of a retreat is a powerful way to reinvent oneself, mourn, release, welcome, and celebrate important life transitions.

A vision quest is meant to be deeply cathartic and is the why of taking psilocybin mushrooms, which provide the stepping-stone to “see” into a new journey in life.

Expect opening up to . . .

- Awakening new inspiration and novel ideas

- Transcending your ego

- Developing new energy

- Discovering new dimensions of thought

- Opening your heart

- To know we are all connected

- Discovering your purpose

- Feeling universal love

- Finding your truth

- Feeling empathy for others

- Stepping into your power

- Seeing the Game of Life for what it is

- Manifesting and creating your reality

- Insight into your next Chapter of your Earthbound Tour of Duty

Ultimately, it is that state of mind where you are one with everything 'inside' and 'outside' of you. It’s the integration, the fusion of consciousness, the dissolving of boundaries made by the mind.

And when one returns home, the participant finds that all their senses can be transported back to their sacred exploration of the teacher plants, dreams, reality and the transitory nature of living.

Programs for Middle Agers in Short Supply

Currently, we are witnessing an increased global demand for wellness journeys/awakenings and mental health therapies.

Among these interests are middle-agers and young elders who are curious about psilocybin mushroom wellness retreats. They are looking for private journeys in a beautiful location where education, comfort and an experienced guide can meet their needs.

Our location; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This combination is in short supply.

However, the Vision Quest Psilocybin Retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico provided by Maria Camille has taken these aspects into consideration. As a long-time hospitality wellness consultant and young elder, Maria has designed special programs where all these concerns have been taken care so guests can enjoy “the journey” in a comfortable location where they can storyboard their visions into epic inspirational scripts for the future.

The outcome; new ideas and direction unfold during an extraordinary enquiry into self as participants explore their future role in their movie of life.

For more information or to set a call with Maria Camille - email:


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