The Challenge of Change

Start a huge, foolish project like Noah. It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you. Rumi

You’re here, but you want to be there.

You spend countless hours trying to narrow the divide.

You’ve been paying your dues, tightening your boot-straps, and wiping sweat. Success is just over around the bend.

Faster, and full of frenzy we hustle.

We feel guilty if we’re not actively playing to win everyday.

Given the volatile state of the world, it’s no coincidence we’re always in a situation of having to “bite off more than we can chew” even if we don’t want to.

We see success stories of start-ups and new celebrity creators - all shiny happy people flashing new cars, fashion and white teeth. Consuming success stories about them somehow creates the need to hurry up with your own creation.

I saw many of these scenarios play out during the years I was a TV producer and creating VIP events at Sundance Film Festival. Every year a new crowd of winners show up. Whether it’s a Indy movie or sexy new brand hocking the newest skinny drink or protein bar while lining up to gift favors to the latest stars.

Their idea of success plays out as a drama.

Then there are the watchers. They spout vapid pablum about freedom and all the ideas they have. They talk about how life should be, versus how it really is - and then do nothing.

If anyone wants to keep creating, they have to be about change. This brings us to present day where everything that crosses our path is changing. Change is all about seeing potential as new tools for expansion.

As most every Thing will change, it’s a good time to put your own “spin” on the future and develop your own style.

Don’t let your life become an algorithm. Become someone others want to know.

Don’t become the follower who thinks that power is outside of themselves.

Now is the time to find your inner warrior. Be nimble and in the flow of change – but with power and focus. It’s about being good at moving at any given time in a direction you need to go with infinite clarity.

Seek out people who aren’t afraid to make mistakes and, who therefore, do make mistakes. Their work is not always recognized, but they are precisely the kind of people who change the world, and after many mistakes, they do something that transforms into something special.