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Tabula Rasa Ventures picks Maria Camille to take part in incubator for psychedelic retreats

Tabula Rasa Ventures Announces Winter 2021 Psychedelic Business Incubator

Next Generation of Impact-Driven Psychedelic and Psychedelic-Adjacent Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to Receive Needed Resources and Mentorship


NEW YORK, January 15, 2021 ( - Tabula Rasa Ventures, an Energia company focused on impact-first incubation and investment in the psychedelic industry, announced its winter 2021 incubator program cohort to uplift the future wave of psychedelic and psychedelic-adjacent entrepreneurs and startups.

"We are now in our third season of the incubator program, and we are pleased to have doubled this season's cohort," said Energia Founder and CEO Marik Hazan. "While there is a ton of excitement in the industry, the reality is Energia is looking at entrepreneurs and startups who want to make a positive impact on the overall psychedelic ecosystem, not just profits."

During the three-month program, recipients will experience: access to executives, advisors, connections and networking opportunities; mentorship and training from experts in and outside of the psychedelic industry; visibility into trends, proprietary research, data and tools, and guidance on managing growth.

The incubator has taken on eight participants.

Psygaia; Boston, MA; Juliette Mohr, Louis Belleau, Bobby Tromm; Psygaia is an ecopsychedelic-focused cooperative committed to the healing and growth of people and planet.

Psychedelic Foundation; Monterey CA; Tammy Sanders; The Psychedelic Foundation is working to create greater access to psychedelic healing for underserved communities.

Natural MedTech Group; Melbourne, Australia Mark Hestermann; Natural MedTech operates as Bio-Tanicals Australia and Rewired Neuroscience. Bio-Tanicals Australia is investing in a cGMP laboratory, licensed to manufacture, process and supply Schedule 9 drugs (U.S.A.'s Schedule 1 equivalent). Rewired Neuroscience will be launching a Mental Health and Wellness Centre of Psychedelic Psychiatry, designed to reimagine medical facilities.

The Retreat Journal; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Maria Camille; The Retreat Journal is a digital publication sharing the future of retreating. The Retreat Journal will host both industry and private group retreats.

Psynautics; Chicago, IL; Luke Johnson & Conor Murray; Psynautics is a research society for explorers of mind and being. Its mobile and web apps platforms provide a low-cost ecological momentary assessment (EMA) service for academic and clinical researchers.

La Luna Textiles; Tucson, AZ; Kelsey VanDemark; La Luna Textiles is a unique line of hand-bound integration journals designed by artist Kelsey VanDemark. La Luna works with local communities and invests profits back into environmental conservation programs and indigenous communities across the Amazon.

Exploratory Phase; Las Vegas, NV; Veronica Castillo; Veronica Castillo is a published writer and the head of the Vee Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer blog. Currently, she is a resident of the road exploring all things cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics in the United States and soon, abroad.

Exploratory Phase; Fort Washington, MD; Kadeam Vendryes; Kadeam is building a sliding-scale patent portfolio focused on novel preparation and integration modalities.

About Tabula Rasa Ventures

Tabula Rasa Ventures is an Energia company focused on impact-driven and responsible incubation and investment in the psychedelic industry.


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