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Start a “I Don’t Care if I Fail” Project; it's the Key to Your Next Chapter

A Psilocybin Journey can take you there . . .

What's your Next Chapter?


Think about the times when you knew you needed to make a change. 


What got you out of your complacency?


Why is it so difficult to make change when we need to? 


Let's take a look at Fear!

The fear of failure, the fear of others' opinions, the fear of “I’m not good enough.” The thoughts are all there staring back at us.


This is one of the “whys” many come to see me in San Miguel de Allende to partake in a psilocybin journey.  It’s about making a change when we cannot do it on our own volition.


This is where we enter a realm to walk through fear and receive new inspiration for our Next Chapter. You can be sure the psilocybin will take you into that realm, but this is also where the work starts.


Where should one begin when they get home?


Start with a “I Don’t Care if I Fail Project”

Change brings about fear so it’s difficult for most to get started.  That’s why I always suggest starting with an “I don’t care if I fail project.”


When starting something new think of the idea as an experiment that may fail.  With this thinking, you are taking the pressure off yourself.  You are giving yourself the time and space to get into your new inspiration and creativity without the pressure that you have to be successful  - - -


This is pretty much the way I engage in anything new. 


Because I live totally out of the box, I’m always engaging within the unknown.  I’m comfortable there.  It’s because I do not put pressure on myself that I have to be successful with each new idea.


You will encounter all kinds of doubts, but most often, a new project will provide many new avenues of change (the psilocybin mushroom started the process).

Several years ago, I started a new “I Don’t Care if I Fail Project” – now it has evolved in many different ways . . .

Maria Camille in standing meditation in nature


For years, I studied the Zen and Daoist Arts, including meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and BaGua. I learned to live a simple but abundant life—the Wabi Sabi way. 

It evolved into a new energy where I started making art. I’m not an artist, and I did not have a natural talent for this, but with the thought of, “I have no idea what I’m doing,” I got started.  Now, three years later, I’ve developed “my Wabi Sabi art style.”   I realized it was not about the art of perfection; it was about the art of imperfection. It was all about the energy.

My art is being displayed at an up-scale retreat center


By starting with “I don’t care if I fail,” the project never failed but has grown, and now the second stage of this endeavor is taking shape. 

I’m now taking all my Wabi Sabi art and Wabi Sabi living ideas and starting an online store called The Wabi Shop.  (I'll let you know when I launch)

I still have the feeling of a little fear (because it's a big idea), but I’ll move into the space with the “I don’t care if I fail mindset.” - -—but somehow, the failure never shows up—it's been over three years now since starting the original idea.

I've learned that when in the “flow” of exploration, the flow takes you forward, and if you are in the mindset of “I can change direction anytime I want,” you have the latitude and attitude to keep going. Because there is no right or wrong when in this flow of energy, you keep going and make adjustments when needed.


The Flow State: Understanding and Achieving It

I love this lesson from Zen Master Takuan . . .


Zen Master Takuan (1573 – 1645) taught, “penetrate the place where heaven and earth have not divided and yin and yang do not reach, this is where the experience will attain success. It's the teacherless learning. Whether walking, sitting, speaking - keep up the relentless effort to seeing directly. Then over the years it will be as if you found a lamp in the night, attaining teacherless knowledge and exercising uncontrived action. At this time you transcend the ordinary without leaving the ordinary. This is called the Tai-A, the peerless sword that has no equal. The Tai-A sword is inherent in everyone – complete and perfect. It refers to the mind. The mind is not born at birth and does not die at death, so it is called the original face.”


“Keeping up unremitting effort, constantly focusing on finding out, “seeing directly” means that you always return to yourself and focus intently, investigating the principle. To attain the teacherless knowledge means to realize the fundamental knowledge that even a teacher cannot convey. It is the first-hand experiential knowledge that is not learned or acquired, but rather is uncovered and activated.”



We can open these flow states with the psilocybin mushroom journey, mainly because the psilocybin mushroom helps you dissolve your EGOIC mind and embrace teacherless learning. It helps bring you back to that precious state of mind that “I know nothing,” and all that is ahead of me now is pure Potential for something new.

With these thoughts, what could your “I don’t care if I fail” project be?  Go ahead, jump in the space of the unknown and you’ll see how this is where all future success will come from. 


There is no fear there.



It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.— Pablo Picasso





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