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Ready to Change how you Work & Play?

Take the teacher training to become a Wabi-Sabi Art Retreat Guest Artist/Host for Resorts and Retreats

Are you looking for a new challenge? Something exciting that you’ll not only personally benefit from, but can use to help others too?

The pandemic showed us the value of having multiple income streams as well as the importance of looking after our mental health. If you've been stuck in creating something new and profitable, and also want to get out of your comfort zone, then look at the Wabi-Sabi teacher training. It just may be the perfect fit to help others, but also create a scalable full-time income or as a side project.

I'm starting our first group training with an online course and live Zoom talks to share with others how to become a Guest Artist and host day retreats at resorts or in your hometown. As I share these classes I'm so amazed at what comes forth with guests who sign up for this day retreat experience journey. It's been a big hit - something so new and different and, timely.

What is the Wabi-Sabi Art Class all about?

In our first online class, I will be training a small group on the knowledge of Wabi-Sabi. Inspired by the Japanese term for finding beauty in imperfection, it's about letting go of the burden of wanting to be perfect and finding new personal freedom.

As a teacher, you'll be empowered by leading others in the benefits of healing through meditative guided creative art. This knowledge will not only benefit your own life directly, but you’ll also learn how you can teach it to others by organizing your own retreats either in your hometown or as a guest artist where you travel to beautiful resorts and retreat properties. The change of mindset and opportunities that come with this course are endless.

What Does the Course Entail?

1. We'll cover the knowledge, inspiration, and concept of Wabi-Sabi.

2. You'll learn important breathing techniques and how to incorporate that energy into the "brush mind" to create noble expression and the most beautiful art pieces.

3. I'll share how I traveled to resorts for over 25 years as a hospitality consultant giving you practical advice on how to set up and host retreats and market them successfully.

4. The classes are online along with Zoom calls where I answer all your questions. My aim is to share my knowledge with you.

5. The class is completely online which means you can live anywhere in the world and become a Wabi-Sabi Art Retreat host in less than a month if you set your mind to it.

The best thing about his course is that no previous experience is needed. This course is for those who embrace wellness, healing, mind/body, meditation, and stepping out of the box into something new and bold.

Become a recognized artist within your community

Becoming a Wabi-Sabi Art Retreat host is also a great way to interact with your community which is a reward in itself.

If you already provide therapeutic services or provide yoga, Tai Chi, or exercise classes, becoming a Wabi-Sabi Art Retreat host could be an excellent add-on to the list of services you provide. It’s fully inclusive for everyone and the aim is to let go and have fun!

I so embrace Wabi-Sabi Art Retreats, that I believe it is a once-in-a-lifetime transformative journey on how to use art as therapy.

Our first group will be very limited, so reach out and go on over to to register. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!


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