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Masters, Misfits, and Mentors

Oh, La La . . . The Masters, Misfits and Mentors Newsletter has just launched!

It’s a bold new creative conversation series that explores true stories of gonzo visionaries, entrepreneurial risk-takers, and ideas for living life on your terms.

During my 30 years of entrepreneurial endeavors, travel, and extreme sports, I've had the privilege of meeting many of the most exciting out-of-the-box thinkers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries with whom I learned many life lessons that propelled me forward.

Over the years, I've written extensively about these experiences . . . including my own scrappy experiences of winning and losing - pain and bliss.

All added up, these stories became a library of incredible information that I looked forward to sharing. They are stories about life and business where ideas, success, and failure complement each other, like cake and ice cream.

These experiences and writings became the foundation of my latest "Passion Project," the Masters, Misfits, and Mentors newsletter, where I'll be delivering true stories on business inspiration, reinventing oneself, and how adventurous risk-takers who are NOT BORING can bring new ideas to others.

The Masters, Misfits, and Mentors newsletter will also have a section called PROJECTS, with our first project being The Next Chapter Retreat - where a Psilocybin Journey becomes the Vision Quest of young elders who are developing a Passion Project that will become their next chapter in life. We still have one spot left for this project. Check it out here.

The retreat is also part of a documentary project produced by Scott Wright, a documentarian with movies on both Hulu and Amazon. Scott Wright, who was a former guest of mine when I facilitated a psilocybin journey for him, fits the perfect example of a Master, who is also a bit of a Misfit and also an amazing Mentor.

When you subscribe to the Masters, Misfits and Mentors newsletter, you'll see our lastest post on Scott Wright and how he became a famous DJ, then an executive within the music industry working with the likes of Celin Dion, Madonna, Michael Jackson and others. Then after 25 years of seeing what a diseased business this was, Scott reinvented himself once again and grew an international wine brand over the next 20 years until he once again reinvented himself and became a movie producer with shows on Amazon and Hulu. --

I look to see you over on our new Substack platform where we are hosting . . reach out and take part in what looks to be one of the most read newsletters for 2024.

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