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Is it Time to Reinvent Yourself? Take a Monk Break to Gain New Inspiration

Recognize when it’s time to try something new in life

regain yourself

Retreat Location on Private Estate in San Jose' del Cabo, Baja, Mexico

I think reinventing yourself, even when you may not think you need to, is one of the most powerful and courageous acts of courage you can achieve.

"To tap into new ideas, you need to experience an expansion of awareness."

The best scenario for gazing into your future and expanding your awareness is to go on a Retreat – for at least 5 days. I call it “taking a Monk Break.”

What I get really clear on is that I’m creating the Potential for something new. And to create new Potential, you need a life-changing experience that includes introspection, fun, and passion. Why should reinventing yourself be like you’re in trouble where you have to go into some miserable “time out.”

"In this crazy new world, it takes a new paradigm of working and operating to excel with any dream or goal. It’s a given that you’ll need to reinvent yourself many times. You’ll not only need to be mentally fit but also physically fit."

Here are some Tips on How I Plan a Monk Break

Find Your Power Place:

Find a location where you feel comfortable and powerful. The mountains? The beach? The desert?

Your Power Place should be where you can plan new creativity and a new path. It’s a place where you can cry out your pain and fear. It’s a place where you give yourself new space to open your heart and imagine anything you want. It’s a place where you are comfortable forming new ideas about the future.

Be Committed to Practicing Change

It can be a challenge because we fear the unknown. But, fear can be outwitted because fear is more of a misunderstood focus.

When reinventing yourself, most of your challenges will feel bigger than your current capabilities. But consider this as leveling up and growing into something new.

Trust while on your Monk Break that you will start to identify the change you want to make.

Take a Journal with you

A journal is an essential item to pack when taking a Monk Break. I only write random thoughts, then look back at the journal after getting home. There’s such sweet new brilliance, and I find so many fantastic ideas, inner feelings, and discoveries. Keep the ideas and journal going. The ideas add up over time and unfold new ways to reinvent yourself.

Think About Taking New Risks When Reinventing Yourself

It’s a warrior’s art. Warriors take full responsibility for their lives, reinvent themselves often, and own their spirits. This is Personal Power.

Practice Moving in a New Direction Before You’re Ready

This is Badass! Most people wait too long to act, generally out of fear, because they want better circumstances.

I’ve learned that your path becomes more difficult when you get ready forever because you begin to create more obstacles. But, once you make a decision, it’s like the Law of Power—your energy will rise to the level you need.

Write Your Own Constitution While on Retreat

This is about what you will accept in life and what you won’t accept. It’s like your Warrior Code. It’s what you will live by. It’s the courage to declare. Your declaration has to come from the heart. Don’t think small. Your intention becomes dependent on your claim. Aim for an expansive and infinite new path to walk.

Create your constitution based on your personality—the world cannot help but respond to such authenticity.

Go Stealth, and do not let others suck your power before you are ready

When reinventing yourself, it's best to make it a “Mission” and “Go Covert”

I’ve learned it’s best not to stand up and announce all the ideas you’re going to accomplish, the deals you’re going to make, and all the money you’ll pull in. Announcing all your plans will blow your whole Mission. It always does. Remember, most plans appear after your Plan A fails.

When you first get started, lost time may turn your guts inside out as you throw up from the reality of loss, and your pain begins to numb your thinking. So, to begin, just get started by putting together a glimpse of what your revolutionary new reinvention could be.

Start practicing change and reinventing yourself in baby steps around the new way you want to live and operate.

You are still not announcing yourself, but people start to see changes. It begins to look like you’re getting something new and powerful put together. These are landmark moments.

Become One of the Courageous

Remember, most people simply like the idea of trying something new—you decide to be one of the courageous and do it.

Slowly, start sharing time with other imaginative people—those who brave the complacent and do not fear losing it all.

Because it’s not all about money.

Let your new reinvention be a delicious new addiction. And watch as your loved ones that felt abandoned begin to appreciate the new YOU emerging.

Know that you’ll always be on the path of change until the end of your life. There is no failure. It’s just about learning. We all know that.

What you do with your new YOU is what will define you. Richness comes through the struggle. We all know that too.

Last Step:

Embrace your larger story as it begins to take shape. You are entering the wisdom stage—And it takes as long as it takes.

The new you will be about how people know and see you. Let the sweet sense of discovery show up.

Join Maria Camille (Founder of Global Retreat Week) for a Monk Break Retreat during Global Retreat Week. Location and details forthcoming.

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