How women can be more powerful in business

Often we do not realize the brilliant lessons we’ve learned until some years later, then, clarity reigns.

The best lessons come from - DOING

Then, over years, taking time to "sit on those thoughts" and mull over the brilliance to where clarity reigns and you "see into it all." This is how we Age as a Sage!

Here are 5 key lessons I've learned - -

Never try to look powerful

The key is to train the inside to be more powerful than the outside. So, if the outside demeanor looks good, let that be an indication of the real power you have on the inside.

Personal power comes from this depth. It becomes your style.

When you are totally connected through posture, grace and vibe, you will shine in a powerful way.

When negotiating with men, let them start first, as their egos are usually in full force like a tumbling boulder. They think this is power . . . it is not

Let them make the first move, while you are passive and saving your energy and looking at the dynamics of the situation. Your mind is in every cell of your body.

Because you are skilled and have clarity, others will fall into your strategy.

Every phase of life demands a different you. Confidence and freedom are what you gain after you’ve earned it.

When you are Present, you project more power. Being present starts with how you stand. Do not you hunch up your shoulders and be stiff, and do not round your shoulders forward and be hunched over.

And, never bend your head sideways when talking and negotiating. When you bend your head sideways, as so many women do, you have just then — given away all your power.

The Three Month Rule

When hiring others for job positions, there is a time-frame wherein a person proves out who they are. This time frame is three-months. It always works.

The premise is that you will never need to let someone go, as within the three-month time, people will either leap ahead, or eliminate themselves and leave before you even have to ask.

Many know this rule, but thinking it through and knowing why is what's important.

The key is to watch how people form repeating patterns in all situations. Identifying repeating patterns are the key to seeing into the future of a situation.

As you see repeating patterns, look for the energy within that pattern. When you can do this well, you can then change the energy of the situation, or the people or yourself to ultimately position yourself in the right way.

In essence, reality is repetitive energetic fields that repeat.

Your life (including business) comes and goes and is measured by seasons and other natural cycles

Instead of trying to do more things faster, the thought should be to slow things down and be more aware of the patterns and energy of what you're doing.

The wisdom is to build “space” or “time gaps” into whatever project you’re engaged in.

And remember, every person or master has a flaw — a vital point that is not necessarily known, but has the potential to become the masters undoing, precisely because it is a blind spot.

Seeing with the Mind is an Art Form of Extreme Clarity

Cultivate watchfulness. It’s the art of taking notice and deciphering the state of mind of people around you.

Look through and watch the dynamics of people and what the current situation is. The dynamics are made up of all the elements that others are caught up in. Alertness to these dynamics will encompass all aspects of a situation and show you the path.

This is called, seeing with the mind. The key point is to understand the essence of what the energy is.

This is a warriors art.

It’s about slowing yourself down so all situations originate from a grounded point of view — not from an emotional point of view.