Given the alternative facts, now is a good time to create an alternative future

As I get older, I’ve learned that it’s best to reinvent yourself long before you need to. It’s about being a step ahead of the next disaster coming our way.

The premise is that you need to “practice” change and how to reinvent yourself - or when the time comes, you will not have the mental tools and know-how to move forward with personal power. It’s about not waiting for the defining moment.

Married the Mob – Dated the Government

After being married to the mob as a young woman, then moving on and living with the Delta Force and Seal Team guys while being a competitor on the U.S. Parachute Team, my instincts were honed from a young age.

In politics I learned it does not matter which side you’re on. Bankers and large multi-national corporations who move deals and wealth do not care if the Democrats or the Republicans have control. Who controls the world money flow is who rules. We’re living in a world where irrational has become rational and lies become truth. If you don’t know history, you will not see the future.

We all know that nothing stays the same. But not many are good at changing their circumstances – it’s never easy. I’ve learned to become very clear when it’s time to plan a new direction. And the best way to start is to get away from the energy you’re currently in.

Find your Hide-Away - A Place to Just Be

I’ve mostly led a nomad life through working with wellness hospitality projects worldwide. Through this travel I meet expats from many countries who choose to live different. Some have deep cover lives, big money, or no money, but always they have creative ideas. They’ve found their hide-away a place to just be.

I think we all need a hiding place — a place for reinvention; a place to change up our ideas; a place to rethink; a place to see how to re-engage when we are ready.

While traveling you also see different perspectives of the news. What I saw and heard played out in my dreams. My dreams come in meditative states where I look into the future. Don’t take it too seriously, but try it — just look into the future. Think, what is the energy of what is happening around you. What do you see? Meditate on it. Let your thoughts take shape. Start reinventing yourself around these intuitions.

When you are out of your normal comforts is when things start becoming clear. This is the time to take the new life. Don’t force an idea to take shape. Don’t try to figure out every little detail. Just go with it.

Be Cool.