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Getting Ready for a Psilocybin Journey

6 helpful suggestions

Beautiful psilocybin mushrooms

Of course, when contemplating a psilocybin journey, we would like as much reassurance as possible that we will receive the most amazing experience.


Think of all that we expect from the psilocybin mushroom during one journey that lasts approximately 4 – 5 hours.  The expectations are high!  And the list of wishes runs deep.


Get rid of anxiety

Stop deep depression

Alleviate PTSD

Heal childhood trauma

Stop the need for SSRI’s and other Benzo’s

Feel life and beauty – have new inspiration

Help to reinvent a new chapter

Gain new creativity

Heal pain from losing loved ones

The list goes on . . . you get the idea.


Over the years of facilitating private psilocybin retreats, I constantly receive new confirmation of what gives people a better chance of communicating with these magical teacher plants. 


It starts with taking time to develop a special respect for what you are going to experience


Properly preparing your mind and body for a psilocybin journey shows the utmost respect for this sacred plant medicine. After all, this is not like taking an aspirin off the shelf for a quick fix.

When embarking on a psilocybin journey, it should be with the idea that this is the start of a long-term relationship where the mushroom will work with you for years . . . even if you only take one journey.

(My first healing with psilocybin lasted over 40 years . . . read the story HERE.)



Let’s explore the 6 most important ways to get ready for your journey . . .



1.  Usually, people start thinking about taking psilocybin months or even years before starting a journey. It is good to not only read about psilocybin therapy but also start contemplating what change you want to happen. 


When contemplating change, you'll want to start thinking of the intentions you'll set long before the journey starts. The best way to do this is through meditative walks, preferably in nature, and taking time to dig deep within yourself.  It’s also about preparing your mindset to do “the work” after the journey. The mushroom will give you a profound or subtle direction, but it will be up to you to carry forward into the change you want. 

I cannot emphasize this enough—take time to prepare your energy. In other words, come as an empty cup ready to be filled.


2.   After some time facilitating retreats, I started having my clients write a letter to the mushroom before they arrived. In this letter, one should connect with the psilocybin mushroom with full heart and intention. It really works—all my clients do this and have gained so much, as it is the mushroom you want to connect with. I am only the conduit.


3.   Take time to change your diet before you go on retreat.  This intention starts the process of mindfulness and the change you want to make.  I see a direct correlation between the gut and the mind.  It is well known that poor gut health leads to depression, brain fog, and all kinds of mental challenges.  Check your gut!  The right supplements could help in a huge way before you even arrive at your retreat.  Eating clean is one of the most powerful ways to change your mind/body.  


Psilocybin mushrooms love a clean body.


4.   Please leave your home to have a journey.  Staying in the same surroundings is usually not the best idea.  Instead, look to have your journey in a most beautiful place, preferably in nature.  It’s important that you feel incredibly safe and secure.


It’s good to surround yourself with all your favorite items that make you comfortable, such as a journal, special water or tea, comfortable clothes, an eye mask, music, incense, etc. There is no right or wrong, but your surroundings really make a difference. 


I cringe when I see pictures or documentary films of journeys held in a clinical setting, most often in a med room with no windows, fake flowers, and 2 people staring at you. 


5.  You need to be incredibly comfortable and trusting with your facilitator. Look for a facilitator who enters this space with total love and compassion, someone with a deeper calling to service—as opposed to one who “thinks this might be a good business”—like getting a massage license. 

A good facilitator is your "conduit"—if they are on the same energy frequency, you will feel their presence, which will help you connect with the mushroom.

6.   Knowing your psilocybin journey is the start of something bigger than your current point of view of life is huge.  If you enter your retreat with the commitment to start on a new path after your journey and have been getting your mind/body ready to do the work – (no matter your excuses), your life can change in a huge way.  I’ve certainly seen this. It’s just amazing how change can happen if you act upon the message.


How disrespectful to yourself and the mushroom to go on a journey and then go back to your normal life without implementing change. One good journey can start the process of a powerful new you . . . but only if you act on the message you receive. Once you start down this path, commit to a new lifetime of learning and change. 

I send Best Wishes to all of you considering taking a psilocybin journey. May it change your life for the better. We need healthy, strong, loving minds on this earth. The mushroom is the epidemy of helping you get there.


If you would like to discuss a psilocybin journey and how it might help you, I’m always open to getting on a Zoom call . . . that is how you get started.  Contact me HERE







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