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Experiencing the death of my former life with Dhargya Lobsang

Dhargya, (Dar-Jay) a friend of mine is from Mulie, Tibet and was a Monk for 17 years. His story of coming to the U.S. involves a thousand mile walk across Tibet over the Himalayan mountains and into Nepal. After 10 years in India and Nepal, through a miracle he makes his way to the U.S. - - -

I met Dhargya in 2006 while producing a TV series called The Beauty Show. I was living in Salt Lake City and catching an early morning flight into Phoenix for a TV production and slipped on the ice falling flat on my back while rushing to the airport. I was in excruciating pain all day as we taped the show. After the shoot, while having meetings at a local resort/spa, the spa manager suggested I see Dhargya - the best healer around.

Of course, that’s exactly what I did. As I’ve traveled the world as a consultant for hospitality, spas and wellness projects, I’ve experienced many therapies and wellness experts. However, I’ve never experienced anyone with Dhargya’s gifts.

This was the most profound experience I have ever had with energy body work. The minute Dhargya put his hands on my back I knew this was not going to be a “normal treatment.” -

During the hours with his incredible strength –(Qi energy) I was pinned to the table and melting. I could not move a muscle. He also levitated up onto the table and was standing on my back (with nothing to hold on to) and walked across my body with precise moves.


As I left the treatment, I asked Dhargya “How did you end up here” – “Who are you?” Realizing I knew what he did was very special, we exchanged phone numbers so I could keep in touch.

This started a special years-long friendship of learning and working on retreat projects together.

In 2017 Dhargya visited me in Sedona where I was living and said it was time to spend a full day to take me into a deep healing.

I wrote these notes of the experience starting the day after the session and then for a few weeks. They are genuine and just as I experienced.

The Set and Setting:

As Dhargya never works indoors, he set up a chair outside on a patio. The purpose of the healing would be to cleanse my body to rid all deep pain and stagnant energies - to rid any disease, and to feel the love of the Universe.

My physical condition when starting the session:

Severe chronic lower back pain from sports injuries

Watery eyes for several months

Extreme stress over the last several years of moving constantly and producing new work.

Qi was not strong – my body had become too Yin

The session started out slowly with Dhargya having me stand (in a martial arts stance) and start breathing into different positions and configurations he guided me into. I thought it was not too bad and that I could go with this as far as not being too uncomfortable.

I was told to start deep breathing through my nose and then a deep breath out with my mouth as wide open as I could get it. Like a purge. I was to keep this breathing going without stopping.

As we progressed, the breathing became difficult to keep up while at the same time the positions he was putting my body into were becoming extremely difficult. After about an hour it became hard to keep up the breathing – Dhargya kept telling me if I did not keep breathing into the pain it would become much worse. Dhargya did not let up on any position – in fact the body positions became more severe.

My eyes started streaming tears and fluids were running out of my nose. I felt like I was melting.

I was aware of how hard Dhargya was working to keep me breathing and in the right positions and how he was taking on my pain and negative energies from years - maybe lifetimes and dissolving these energies through his own body and spitting it out. It was very intense work for both of us.

Dhargya kept this routine going. It must have been 3 hours by now as I started collapsing into myself and becoming weaker. After what seemed well over another 2 hours of excruciating breathing and pain from continued stretching my neck, arms, legs and torso into different positions I could do nothing else but to dissolve into the pain and go with it.

Did the pain go away? – no. But, at that point I was able to go into a different realm with it.

When starting out, I asked for the Universe show me love – what I got was the experience of death.

This was my death experience -

As I went into a different time and space – every detail was vivid and very real. I knew exactly who I was as I entered into another life.

I experienced myself as an older seasoned warrior general dying on the battlefield on the grasslands of the high plateau’s of Mongolia. Other warriors around me are all dead.

I could smell the blood of battle in the air and it was extremely quiet. I remember this quietness - it was like nothing I had ever felt in quite the same way. I lay there realizing I was dying – that it was my time. It was very peaceful. I could feel a gentle breeze and smell the grass. My horse was standing next to me.

It became important to me to take in the death experience. I felt the need to embrace it.

I thought of all the battles I fought and how I led so many warriors into battle and how they died. I felt so incredibly remorseful about this.

I went forward in time and thought of my children and family. Then I was back in my body just laying there experiencing this death on the grasslands. I was very still – I felt so much sadness but also a completeness.

After what seemed like a very long time, I was then above my body and looking down at myself from above. I gave love and honor to the warrior life I lived. I saw my horse standing faithfully next to me. I saw the whole battlefield of dead soldiers.

I felt complete peace and wanted to stay with this feeling. It was the most satisfying calmness I can ever hope to feel. Somehow I felt a profound “completeness” -

I was aware of Dhargya saying to come back - like the session was over. I remember trying to tell him I did not want to come back. I wanted to do everything to stay in this death experience. I was aware of not wanting to “rush” my death. I absolutely did not want to come back.

I continued to look down on my body for some time, then started fading further away. I was a little confused and tried to concentrate on keeping the peaceful feeling - I do not want it to leave me.

Soon, I realized I was in some kind of nothingness. And, I thought, “this is the Dao” this is what nothingness is. It was OK – I was not scared and wanted to rest here forever. It was the most peaceful feeling, one that cannot be explained. Just total peace and love.

I had the sense I died, but I was so comfortable and at peace. This does not explain the profoundness, but it is the best I can explain for the moment.

When the sun went down, I felt I had to come back to the present – but I did not want to. I was a little irritated and wanted to figure out why I had to come back.

I finally moved into my bedroom and lay there thinking about what happened. I absolutely did not want the experience to fade away. I thought about what happened and wanted to keep with the extreme peace I felt.

My body hurt horribly and it was hard to get up and down or even walk. But, I did not mind. I would go through the pain again to experience what I did.

The next day, I could not move my head to the left or to the right. My ribs on the right side were greatly bruised or maybe a little fracture. That was OK, too.

I did as little as possible, even though I was on a huge deadline for a magazine launch. I was extremely tired and just want to lay down and think what I went through.

Over the next several days – these are my realizations:

It came to me that the experience of death is the greatest love the Universe could of given me. I did not pick the circumstance or this experience to die. I did not choose the scene.

This was what the Universe gave me to experience. I am thinking it is because I can understand this kind of death. Or, maybe it is my past life – I’m not labeling it or thinking this part through.

The whole experience of the death and seeing all the battles I fought and how they were so useless in the end is the key point. I’m seeing the lesson as a metaphor to give up the battles of life.

I will never be the same person I was before.

One of the first things I noticed this first day was that my back did not hurt. All the rest of me felt beat up, but for the first time in years, my back was clear.

It is now day two. I’m still very tired. It’s hard to concentrate and I am not totally into my body.

But, an interesting thing is that my neck all of a sudden released. It’s like I took a time release pill, where it was timed on when to release. Yesterday I could not move from side to side – not even a little. Today, it is completely released.

My back is holding. I’m amazed.

For the last two days I’m staying with breathing as deep as I can. I do not want to give up the work.

I feel completely cleaned out. I feel so pure from the inside.

Day Four:

My body feels strong. My back has no pain. I’m still tired, but it’s a good tired. The ribs on my right side are still very painful. So what!

I’m still breathing and feel like its time for me to start stretching out along with the breath again. I want to get back to my Bagua Fan exercise program I put together - but I feel it’s too soon.

Dharyga said to drink hot teas and hot soup – my body needs to have more Yang energy.

Spiritually, I am still wakening. The most important thing I feel right now is to not loose the connection I felt with the Universe. I am seeing that all my work will be about integrating this more with all I do.

I have always been connected to Nature in a major way. Even all my exercise and spiritual work is done in nature. I have always lived mostly in the mountains, so this has been with me. Now, how can I say that I need to feel this even more? But, this is what I’m feeling – there is deeper work still.

Day 5

A big part of my thoughts over the last several days is how hard Dhargya worked to facilitate this experience. I am aware of the precise knowing he has and the extreme confidence he needs to do what he is doing. Only a very gifted person could facilitate something this extreme.

I had a beautiful experience at the Stupa today in Sedona – I walked up the hills and kept up the deep breathing.

One Month Later . . .

The biggest key for me is to take the time for my BaGua martial arts training and breathing - - deeply!! My practice is much deeper (if that is possible – and it is) - - and I’m solid to teach and help others.

Dhargya travels worldwide to facilitate as a guest healer and to give talks at Retreats. If you would like to book Dhargya, get in touch with me at:


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