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Becoming Badass . . .

Unconventional Badass Lessons to Live Life on Your Terms

I've re-edited and relaunched my Badass Book!!

Here is a forward thinking book for your own journey, or a perfect gift for friends and colleagues!

Based on the author’s life, Becoming Badass; Unconventional Badass Lessons to Live Life on Your Terms is a fast-moving read based on Maria Camille’s entrepreneurial life where she travels the world on all sorts of adventures, expeditions, projects and ideas only to discover that real success is completely intertwined with the ability to be able to reinvent yourself quickly when needed.

“Leaving my hometown of Santa Barbara, California at 16, I traveled with my father where he worked on a military government base 200 miles from Russia in the out-back of Alaska. My last year of high school was in a cold little classroom with 12 Indians and Eskimos.”

“During this time, a powerful mafia man in charge of the Alaskan oil pipeline saw me and married me. My life became full of trauma and drama as I gave birth to 3 children by the age of 21. When I was 19 our house was burned to the ground and my son was killed the same night. “

“I found my Personal Power through many tragedies, losses and successes. I started with baby steps that led to winning 4 Gold Medals in Extreme Sports to studying the internal martial arts energy of the Taoist masters along with launching business ventures worldwide.”

“For over 3 decades, I wrote ideas and thoughts in journals and began to view the patterns and steps I learned to reinvent myself dozens of times. Over time, I discovered my greatest gift . . . helping others become a Creator of Ideas, find their Inner Warrior and to Reinvent their life path as often as needed.”

- Maria Camille, on Becoming Badass . . .

Becoming Badass takes a very different angle on manifesting Personal Power and Positive Change. Maria Camille provides a huge leap ahead of other books that merely give “magic formulas” for success.

Becoming Badass is not just a book . . . it’s also a guide to help you on your journey to be able to reinvent yourself throughout your life.

Becoming Badass is divided up into clear chapter summaries to help you become a Creator of Ideas and be able to Reinvent yourself as a lifestyle regime. Because, Change happens . . . it’s the Law of Nature.

But few are ready.

An important part of Maria Camille’s life mission is to share with others how to walk the path she feels fortunate to have walked. It’s simply not part of the American culture, and certainly isn’t taught in any business schools. As part of her mission, Maria Camille has advised and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs and women.

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Learn how to;

* Be ready for change before challenges take you down

* Reinvent yourself throughout your lifetime

* Find your Inner Warrior Power and create your Possible

Becoming Badass is for anyone who wants to discover how Change can bring powerful new opportunities and more integrity to new ideas for reinventing your life path.

Not Business as Usual

Never living in one place longer than two years, Maria Camille had the good fortune to be mentored by a number of spiritual guides, martial arts masters and entrepreneurs.

She found her Personal Power through diverse experiences. Her immersion with the energy arts, meditation and Eastern concepts had everything to do with the thinking needed when life’s challenges hit.

Change is the Flow of Life, right?

Or is it?

Over the following years, Maria Camille came to accept and live by the credo that there is no separation between one’s everyday life and reinventing that life. She learned that we always need to be reinventing ourselves . . . long before disaster strikes. It becomes a way of life, a regime that is on-going like the Flow of Nature. Each feeds on the other – spirit feeding work, work feeding spirit.

Maria Camille “walks the talk”

Won 4 Gold Medals (the first U.S. woman to do so) for the U.S. Parachute Team in one of the most extreme competitions

Won 3 National Championships in Para-Ski; parachuting for accuracy on 45 degree icy slopes along with a Giant Slalom ski race

Was a gold and commodities broker in Europe working on multi-million dollar investments

Has founded, grown and sold multiple companies within the hospitality, wellness and spa industries

Is a journalist, TV producer and publisher. Her TV series - The Beauty Show was syndicated for airline in-flight programming and went on to be picked up by China Airlines and CCTV in China. The first U.S. TV series to air in China.

Designed BaGua Flow, her own internal martial arts regime using Tai Chi fans, bamboo bo staffs and music choreography. She taught worldwide as a guest artist at destination resorts.

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Picks up where the “Women who Run with the Wolves” leaves off

“I experienced the ugly power of government . . . the inside deals and the politics of the world. During this time I fell into a deep despair . . . missed my soul’s calling, and closed off my heart. I was not allowed to find myself or grow in anyway.”

“For years, I denied my own story. I ran from one thing to another to forget the horrors, repression and memories of the past.”

“I brought other people’s dreams and stories to life through publishing and producing a TV series . . . while hiding my past.”

I left with no self-worth and little funds just to be FREE. I started a new life of constantly having to reinvent myself.

I became a Creator of Ideas.

After decades as an entrepreneur producing projects worldwide, I had the calling to share my story and mosaic life of continuous change and reinvention in Becoming Badass . . .

Today, I’m grateful for these life experiences. Every change has shaped me to have the wisdom and be a woman who is able to stand in her power and hold a safe space for others to step forward to reinvent their own life path with confidence and power.

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