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Become an expert at reinventing yourself

You score a job, then quit; you fall in love, then get dumped; you win the lottery, now your fleeing the feds; you travel to Southeast Asia and sit on a beach; you drink, party, and get hooked up - -

There are many reasons to run. But, think about the impermanence of the situation. Is life meant to be constantly running in quiet desperation as you dream imaginary new futures?

I've found it's much easier if you're ready for change and have clarity about it.

What if you even planned for it?

It would be like harvesting your achievements before they became stale. Situational changes would never get to that gut retching stage where you conveniently sabotage yourself.

It would be a deliberate growth.

From competing in extreme sports to starting entrepreneurial ideas and projects across many countries, I ran - it became my lifestyle and exit. But, over the years by retreating, hiking, meditating, traveling, being in nature, seeing how life connects, I began to see into the future with much more wisdom.

I started taking what I call "Monk Breaks." These personal retreats became a normal operational part of my life.

It's were the teacherless learning comes to you. You grow new ideas regularly - full of plans A - B and C. No matter what you experience, you will grow ideas that mold into something new.

Here are ways to enter this thinking

Plan retreats as a part of your Life Schedule. Let this time become a new lifestyle regime that is all about taking care of you. Think about being connected with a focused mind so you can look into the future with clear thought. It’s about giving yourself permission to wander . . .

Find your Power Place. This is a location where you feel comfortable and powerful. The mountains? The beach? The desert? Your Power Place is where you find the creativity to plan a new path. It's a place you feel comfortable to nurture your mistakes and make the change you want. You can cry out your pain and fear. No one will know. Give yourself new space to open. Imagine anything you want. This is when you form new ideas about the future.

Take at least 7 days for a retreat. It takes at least 3 days just to unwind and become comfortable with yourself. Once you can be with yourself for 7 days and pass the solitude test, you gain confidence. After retreating for some time – year after year, nothing will break you. You'll start to see a different identity as you develop into something more.

Because our lives are so busy and noisy, going on a retreat by yourself may feel like a crises. That’s why it works. Your demons will seek you out. This cultivation is a battle of self — for a lifetime. You may feel like you need to recuperate from your recuperation. It comes down to reinventing yourself without an idea or concept of what the outcome will be. It’s as basic as that.

Start practicing change. It can be a challenge because we fear the unknown. But, fear can be out-witted because fear is more of a misunderstood focus. Trust that while on Retreat, you will identify the change you want to implement.

Take a Journal with you. Taking a journal when I go on retreat is one of the most important items I pack when traveling. I only write random thoughts, then look back at the journal after getting home. There’s such sweet new brilliance. I find so many cool ideas, inner feelings and discoveries – things I can’t believe I wrote down. Keep the Journal going. The ideas add up over time and unfold new ways to reinvent. Handwriting is a key point. Don’t mess it up by putting a computer in the middle of your hands and brain. It’s about getting back to a pure mind-body function.

Think about taking new risks. It’s a warrior’s art. Warriors take full responsibility for their lives, reinvent often and own their spirits. This is Personal Power.

Practice moving in a new direction before you’re ready. Most people wait too long to act, generally out of fear, because they want better circumstances. Before I left my mob husband, I knew I had to make a change long before I was ready. I learned that when you get ready forever, your path becomes more difficult because you begin to create more obstacles. But, once you make the move, it’s like the Law of Power - your energy will rise to the level you need. Even if you're not ready, put a side fund together and save up for your Retreat! This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself -

While on Retreat - Write Your Own Constitution. This is about what you will accept in life and what you won’t accept. Make it your Code. It’s what you will live by. It’s the courage to declare. Your declaration has to come from the heart. Do not be small-minded. When you write your constitution, you declare your new start. The intention becomes dependent on your claim. Aim for an expansive and infinite new path to walk. Why be miserly with new ideas?

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