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Bagua Flow; the mind body exercise I developed for destination resorts

Bagua Flow an interpretive exercise from an ancient Internal Martial Art form has left out the fighting and added large fans instead.

As a student and practitioner of the internal martial arts for most of my life I utilized the lessons of internal martial arts within my own training to become the first U.S. female to win the World Skydiving Championships for the U.S. in Style Competition (gymnastics at 200 m.p.h.), one of the fastest and most dangerous mind/body sports in the world.

I designing this program for others to become teachers and learn BaGua Flow to be able to travel the world and teach at resort destinations.

What is BaGua Flow?

BaGua Flow is one of most innovative exercise programs ever developed. Using large Tai Chi Fans and six-foot long bamboo bo staffs it brings an internal energy art form into an interpretive movement based exercise which emphasizes Qi (energy) flow through mind/body movement. I choreographed BaGua Flow to transform guest experiences at destination retreats and resorts.

The goal of the exercise is for guests to take time to filter out negative impurities within mind and body and restore pure energy back into the core center. The benefits are extraordinary. Strong internal energy flow increases mental and physical capacities, improves circulation, enriches the blood, aids lymphatic flow, enhances body alignment, and improves balance. All this is achieved through a graceful, flowing exercise that anyone can enjoy.

A differentiation from other exercise programs is that BaGua Flow was designed as an interactive “spa treatment,” which utilizes an aromatherapy elixir that facilitates the guests journey to “stillness within movement.” The proprietary blend of essential oils enhances the grounding aspect of the exercise and is given to the guest as a gift. And finally, a treasured gift booklet, all with original art is also given as a gift, which provides an overview of what was learned in the class.

I'll be teaching BaGua Flow at; Age as a Sage retreats starting in 2021

It was 2008 when I designed and first started teaching BaGua Flow to others. After a severe knee injury that took out both knees, I had to stop teaching for some years. Through my own rehab program I've healed well enough to share an easier version of BaGu Flow with others who would like to learn and then teach. I'll start teaching this beautiful program to women taking the Age as a Sage course starting in 2021.

Email me if you have interest to learn and become a teacher.

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